Tapered Lifting Belts?

hey guys, been a while since ive been on, but i was hoping to get some quick opinions on belts. Ive been shopping around for a new belt lately and i want an inzer. I know a lot of people dislike tapered belts, but i am only 5’6 and might be a little bit too large for me. Would going the tapered route be advisable or even safe?

I’m surprised no one makes a 3" belt for smaller lifters and women. A tapered belt is a workable solution.

At 5’6" I doubt you’re too short for the 4" belt. I’ve known and seen lots of 5’6" and shorter lifters use a regular 4" belt. The only lifter I’ve ever seen use a 3" belt (not tapered; a few places make them) was a woman about 5 feet tall.

I’m 5’7" and use a regular 4" belt. You’re not too short.


My girl is 5’3" and she uses a 4" Inzer 13mm belt…but you are in luck my friend.

Check out Bobs belts. Dude makes a REGULAR 4" belt, A ‘dead lift’ belt that’s 4" in the back, 3" in the front, A ‘bench belt’ that’s 4" in the front, 3" in the back & A “JR” belt that’s 3" all the way around. All kind of stuff…

bobsbelts dot com/belts.htm

thanks for the input guys, much appreciated