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Taper vs Not?

sorry for asking what is apparently a dumb question, but why taper? i have read the stickies but i have also read “anabolics 2004: anabolic steroid reference manual” by william llewellyn and he claims that there is no reason to taper because your system will be shut down as long as your test is coming from an outside source like an injection.

i dont have the book with me at this moment so i cant quote it. but that seems to make sense to my ignorant mind. but it seems on most forums the accepted method is to taper. could someone who knows what they are talking about please explain this to me in terms a retard can understand? i have read the sticky and know HOW to put it into practice. i just want to know WHY and maybe why the difference of opinion. thanks.

From my understanding is during the taper portion you start using a SERM with an amount of test that wouldn’t be suppressive while taking the SERM. This allows your body to recover while still getting a little bit of test. I’m not the best at explaining things in writing so sorry about that. I haven’t used this approach but have read many post with positive results. I think this approach would be better suited for a long cycle, 16+ weeks. With this method your slowly tapering off and you avoid a sudden crash.

taper is the way to go I think. nolva PCT never did shit for me still felt shut down. took a while to recover with standard PCT.

Hey lens how do you run your taper? You follow the sticky protocol? This method had always intrigued me