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First off, I have tremendous respect for some of the guys I've been reading on here: Prisoner, Bushy, FuriousGeorge, Reed, and plenty others who have amassed a great deal of practical knowledge. Before starting, I had not come across this site, nor it's particular stasis/taper method, and now that I have, it is very tempting to change my initial plan. I am currently inejcting 80mg TestP and 50mg Mast daily. I'm rounding week 6 and added the Masteron a week ago after getting blood work back and becoming more comfortable in this first rodeo...

I wanted to ask any vet willing to take the time how he might implement a taper (or if he would) for an 8 week cycle of Test/Mast? I have Masteron and am certainly willing to add another vial of TestP if necessary. As much as possible, I would like to retain what I've been working so hard to build these last weeks, and wanted some opinions on how best to run a taper with just these 2 compounds in the mix... hopefully not too much about how foolish I am to be altering my plan mid-stream, though I can certainly tolerate some constructive criticism. Advice/practical experience on the best PCT/taper to try and cement this progress would be SO appreciated guys (to the degree possible, I realize I will lose some).

Thank You sincerely in advance


175 @ 11-12% body fat (hydrostatic) at onset of cycle, currently 182lbs, BF has remained the same.

Goals: Lean Strength Gains while emphasizing harm reduction. Would be thrilled to be 190lbs at 10% BF in the future. Not looking to compete, just a gym enthusiast...



Weeks 1-8: TestP @ 80mgED (560 weekly)
Weeks 5-8: MastP @ 50mgED (350 weekly)

Have Arimidex, though I haven’t needed it…

VERY willing to run this longer, and have access to a great many high quality compounds from a reliable source. I opted to start conservative, even though those other compounds were quite tempting. It has been a very enjoyable ride thus far with very mild sides (a little backnee, some night sweats, a boner that won’t quit)…

Thanks Again,