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Taper for 250 - 500mg Test

I have had lots of advice that is very helpful on here and I have seen it mentioned that I wouldnt need a 12 week taper for a 250 - 500mg per week injection og TestE
I will get another 50 amps of Test E this winter

But If I go to 500 mg of test a week for 16 weeks
30mg Dbol to kick start for 3 weeks then aboy week 7 I have 20 tabs of Anadrol 50 1 tab a day for say 20 days
than by week 16 how should a taper look … if not 100mg for 6 weeks then a taper … what should it look like?

I have clomiphene from iran 60 tabs 50mg each if needed
I have also read that some people have used HCG in the beginning of the taper to assist with the reviving of the testicles to get them ready I have nolva 10mg 30 tabs and 30 tabs at 20mg 30.Also 30 tabs of Clenbuterol 20mcg and 100 2mg tabs of Salbutol

the package says Ventolin by GlaxoSmithKline. Do these two do basically the same thing the clenbuterol and the salbutol?

Primoboland … can it be used in helping retain any gains made or should it be used at a seperate time??? I have 5 100mg amps. I will get more but its not as cheap as the Test E lol.
I appreciate all the help I do get
and… Thanks in Advance

              Ps I just ordered 75 3cc syringes with 25g 1.5 " needles for $25 ... is that large enough??? for Test E ?

The needles look good.

I am still trying to learn about the test taper method myself so I’ll leave that up to other people to talk about

If you only use test, then 4-5 weeks at 100mg, then doing a 80-60-50-30-20 is probably enough… but I’ll be doing my first taper later on so I’m going from what I’ve read and what P22 suggested.

BTW he counts all those weeks as “off” weeks.