Tap_u_out's 5/3/1 Log

On 10/12/09 I started my journey on the 5/3/1…
On that day i weighed 163 lbs. Today I weigh 180 lbs.
My maxes were:
-Military press:
*Actual max: 160
*Training max: 145

So for my first workout my money set looked like this:
#1x10 @ 125.
Last week my money set looked like this:
#1x10 @ 145! Happy with that!
#1x13 @ 135

*Actual max: 335
*Training max: 300 (but since it has moved to 320)

First workout:
#1x10 @ 255
Last week:
#1x8 @ 305
#1x13 @ 280

-Bench press:
*Actual max: 285
*Training max: 255 (but since has moved to 265)

First workout:
#1x10 @ 215
Last week:
#1x6 @ 250
#1x11 @ 230

*Actual max: 205 (Now is 255)
*Training max: 185 (Now is 230)

First workout:
#1x12 @ 155
Last week:
#1x8 @ 220


Of course all the rep records are for the “money set”. Any comments, critique or input will be appreciated! Thank you all! Btw, I wanna thank Jim Wendler because although I have never met him he has been instrumental in my strength development! Also kudos to Dave Tate. Your writings are very inspirational!

Oh I forgot… Stats:

Weight: 180
Height: 5’9"
Age: ?
Main sport: Jiu jitsu
Upcoming events: Pan Ams 1st week of April, Worlds 1st week of June.
Training regimen: Weights 4 x a week. Conditioning, 2-3 x a week HIIT and complexes and sport specific (depending on competition), sport specific training 4-5 x a week.
Competition weight: 167.5 with the gi on.

My money set on the squat today:
#1x15 @ 205… needless to say I’m happy considering the fact that my squat sucks and obviously is my worst lift…

Today money set on military press:
#1x10 @ 145… not bad but I thought I could’ve done better.

Deadlift day… felt pretty good.
My money set was:
#1x10 @ 295

Bench press day on 1/16/10 was:
#1x6 @ 245. This day sucked!

Squat day on 1/17/10:
#1x11 @ 215

Today “money” set on military press:
#1x7 @ 150

Assitance exercise:
#2x10 @ 60; 1x10 @ 65; 2x10 @ 70

Here’s my last set…