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EDIT: Life's changed a lot since this log started. I moved an there is no BJJ close. I try to hit classes when traveling, but that's not often. Not quite sure what my current goals are but looking good naked is always a good one.

Currently, the only positive I've really been doing is BJJ.

Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Jiu-Jitsu and a youtube vid of a black belt gi match.


Rather than a long intro, old log link http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_boxing_fighting_mma_combat/adventures with plenty of intro.

I haven't really been thinking about goals lately, but need to sit down be more concrete and just plan. As I do I'll add them. I'm kinda in a mopey place lately, so you'll have to forgive my current lack of pep.


I'm just going to start in the middle of the story, so if you have questions, just ask. I'm really bad at answering pm's so unless it's super private you can ask here. I'm all elbows, so if it's outta line I'll let you know :slight_smile:

I actually wanted to spin yesterday, but the class was full, so I did a cardio pump group class. I managed to rope my brother into it too. It was actually super funny, he was one of two males. The class in itself wasn't too hard, though it showed me I need to work on balance a lot. We did a lot of stand on one leg movements. I also have to work on my core strength. Granted I don't care if I can get through a 15min ab routine, but when you're working a cross choke from guard, it's a crunch for that whole time. Stopping to rest means losing the submission. I did the class mostly to just move with out thinking about it. I find the machines way too boring.

I'll youtube vid of easy terminology if you guys want but if it's just annoying, let me know.


Apparently I write I too much, lol. I'll work on a more passive voice maybe? Thinking about what to write isn't really going to happen though, this is stream of thought. I did go to class last night. It's been a month of funerals, so class has been pretty somber lately, and that sucks. Anyway, we've been doing more of a variety for warm ups which is pretty cool. It's always nice to learn new movement patterns. We've been doing a lot of push up like drills, and I suck at them. I've incorporated push ups into my lifting days, but I need to find a fast way to being better at them. I'm assuming volume, but we'll see.

After warm up, we went over different ways to pass the spider guard. You can go over the legs, or under the legs. With under I kept hitting myself in the face with my partner's leg, fun times. Then we rolled three 5 min rounds. I just wasn't feeling it. The first guy I went with was really heavy, and once he got on top all I wanted to do was keep his pressure off of me. I actually ended up tapping to him sitting on me in mount. I made the mistake of exhaling too deeply and then couldn't breathe in. I could've gotten out, but wasn't able to summon the effort. A lot of the game is mental, I've got the technique, it's just sometimes hard to summon the will to suck up the pain and put forth the energy. I need to start wanting to win more.


Hey old buddy, old pal old friend of mine!

Good to see you posting again..

For core, I love planks..I'll do em as part of my warm ups about 2x/week..just hold em as long as you can,and add time each week!


I've always been fascinated by Jiu Jitsu. Very, very cool.

And don't write in passive voice. We'd rather hear you tell about yourself than a deleted subject.


BJJ buddy! high five


I'm glad you decided to keep your log here, pch2. Great title, too.

Funerals can suck you dry, no matter if you know the person or not. You'll start having more energy once life starts getting back to 'normal', i'm sure.

I'll be stalking you, here and there.....


Hey! I've been following your log, you're doing wonderfully!

Ah, yes planks. I'll just stick them in the warm up. Do you just do one for as long as possible, or a set number? I don't think I could ever love them though.


At the highest level, it's super cool. The black belt matches look like they're barely moving sometimes, but so much is going on. At my level though, it's a lot like flailing about until someone gets hurt enough to stop, lol.


I'll be following along -- looks cool. I know nothing about jiujitsu -- a whole new world.


If you do them during your warm-up, you will likely fatigue them so you will have less core strength for BJJ. I would do them after BJJ training.

You can do them for time or weighted (get someone to put a weight on your back) or incorporate them in a core circuit. I tend to avoid direct core work because it bores me to tears but planks are a good choice.


You roll? I'm still catching up on everyone's log and getting to know people.


It's been hard, but you keep on keeping on.

You can't stalk your stalker!



Well, I try to actually get to the gym regularly too, so I was thinking of adding it to that. At this point my core strength is sucky enough that the planks will be enough. We also do some core work in BJJ but that isn't enough at all.


Ah, gotcha. One of the exercises that hits my core hard is heavy DB rows since there is significant requirement to stabilize. A good two-for-one deal. And, I hate core work...did I mention that?


Hey pch2! I'll be following along!


Yipee! Log time! You will be back into the swing of things in no time. (:


I can lift heavy Tuesday and Friday since those are non BJJ days. I'm not quite sure as to what I should be doing, so any advice would be great. Currently I've been keeping it basic. I enjoy compound movements, and at least trying to go heavy. Default, I've gone with 5x5 and on Tuesday a horizontal push pull with a squat motion. On Friday's a vertical push pull with a DL motion. BJJ has also shown me the importance of body weight motions.

Putting this all together has been interesting. Horizontal is easy to deal with, vertical is not. A vertical BW push is a handstand push up, and I don't have the strength to do so. I can't even do a handstand, so then do I just do assisted handstands, or do I skip trying to do a BW push? And then what's a BW pull? Vertical in general is giving me issues.

What I ended up doing on friday.

Everything is 5x5

A1 Lat Pull Downs
A2 Standing MP

B1 Sumo squat

I was just supposed to DL, but I missed tuesday lifting, and wanted to squat. The DL were SL since I had a date and didn't want my shins bruised up and more. BJJ already leaves me looking battered, adding to it isn't sexy.

C1 Machine Assisted Dips
C2 Upright Row

This was the first time I've attempted dips. I didn't like the way they felt on my elbows and shoulders. I don't think I'll be doing them again. I also didn't really love the upright rows, they seem very isolated and not very full body, but maybe I'm just thinking too much about them. In the past I've done assisted pull ups instead of the dips, but the machine was taken. I don't know advice would be nice.


looks good..basic, yet effective! With room to progress..good job!

Tuesday, could be

A1) pushups
A2) inverted rows(body weight ideas here)

Have you ever done front squats? or maybe OH squats with just the bar..those really engage the core as well! Im still sore from Friday!