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Tao of TC Rule #5

While I definitely agree that women want a guy who is assertive in bed, I’d like to delve into this idea a little further. Do the T-women have any suggestions as to when this is not appreciated? Do you completely disagree/agree with the idea all together? I can personally think of one instance when the “just so it” idea didn’t go over too well.

The number one rule for dealing with women is:

Treat every one as an individual.

Despite what all the guides to getting women would have men believe, there is no one approach that works with all women all the time.

Some like a more aggressive man, others prefer someone more sensitive. Some women like sex a bit rougher, others prefer more subdued relations. A woman’s preferences can also vary according to her mood.

If you’re just getting to know a woman and want to know if the go-for-it-in-the-sack approach will work, try taking a clue from her personality.

Is she shy or is she assertive? Does she talk about sex a lot and make jokes about it? These things could give you a clue.

If still in doubt, try talking to her and asking her what she likes.

Whatever approach you take, just remember - we are all different. Please treat us as such.

Whoops, I meant “just do it”, not “just so it”.

I think we need an article titled,

“The Tao of MD”…;o)

(rolls eyes)

The shy ones are the closet freaks.

I was hinting to proper etiquite for initiating backdoor/2nd input action. I’m all for bringing out the freak in a woman, however I will never go for anal again without some verbal hints. This is on account of having gotten one of the most wicked head buts in my life not to long ago when I “slipped”.

Wideguy: Why not ask it point blank?

If the babe in questions is somewhere near the T-Vixen status, she wont give you the offended virgin deer in the headlights look and youll have your answer. The few I have dated feel free to talk about sex just like we talk mechanics. And rightly so: its a part of life and its reality.


I agree. Just ask. Talk about it.
cause if you’re goin’ for the backdoor…there had better be warning!!! There’s your advice from a woman.

Wideguy, your original intent was lost on me. This is a perfect example of why sometimes you just have to ask.

If you’re talking about getting in the backdoor, you can’t go in there without knocking first.

If she does give you that deer-in-the-headlights look if you ask you have your answer.

…or just wait until she’s asleep.

liquor her up, then stick it up the butt.

Occasionally (usually when liquored up) my wife likes a finger in the “back door” while i am pleasuring her orally. seems to provoke a really intense finish. i think she is kind of embarassed about it later that she likes it so much.

I’m sure your wife will be so pleased to know that you just shared that with us. :wink:

And if anyone tried that while I was sleeping…that person would be missing an important part of their anatomy within seconds.

What happens if they used some kind of implement instead of an appendage? Would that be ok?


Wideguy: You are just going to have to ask about that one. This is really an easy one; just ask her if “anything goes?” For the backdoor its either going to be “Hell yeah!!” or a laundry list of things that are “off limits”. Any girl that allows you to go up the down staircase is probably going to be good for about anything.


An implement/appendage would result in the same knee-jerk reaction. (sorry…lol)
Basically…if something’s going in there…I would definitely want to be “in the know”.
And hey guys…I’m betting a lot of girls would be willing to try this out (depending on level of comfort with partner). Probably more than you think. It’s just that not too many women will actually talk about it afterward.

Something to ponder…

Exactly my point Simone. Even if they like it…they can’t SAY they like it

That and (i know this is a late comment, so sue me)…
Why should a woman take it if you wouldn’t want to??
I can’t tell you how many guys ask for it and then when you turn it around they freak out…“that’s exit only! that’s gay! blah blah!”

Points well taken. However sometimes the whole asking thing kinda kills the spontaneity and rush of the moment. WTIM I’ve come up with my own unspoken test. When I’m going down on a girl/woman I will make a few extra long strokes ensuring I hit the butthole. Depending on the reaction I get more direct attention then follows, preceded by a finger or 2. Seems to work well so far as I have no knots on my forehead lately.

I agree with Wideguy. Just put your tongue in there first. I have never come across a woman who didn’t like a rimming. I think most women shy away from anal because they are embarrased of the smells/mess it can make. If a woman is comfortable of her hygeine, she will definately dig it. Oh, and guys if you insist on giving it, you better be willing to take it. You know you want it, just admit it! Nothing like having a woman put her tongue in your ass when she’s going down on you. Cougars are especially famed for doing this. You want good head, make sure she’s over 35.