Hey all I’m new to tanning and just trying to get some information.

Basically if tanning outdoors what kind of lotions are recommended?
howbout tanning bed lotions??
(for the more golden tan)

Also does the lotion aggrevate acne on the face for those who have tried??


Uh, I use regular suntan lotion outside in the sun. I get tan.

I don’t use anything; I get tan.

I use Australian Gold “Browning Fury” accelerator and Heliotherapy sunscreen–both have ingredients to keep the skin from getting overly dried out. I tan and my skin doesn’t look like leather.


How does a pasty white boy who burns in no time flat get tan?

When I was at home on the farm, I’d work (Before the edit, this said “wrpl”.) outside and never get tan. If I overdid it, maybe went to the lake or something, I’d burn but never tan.