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Any advice and/or experience of acquiring a competition tan without recourse to sunbeds or indeed the sun! Is a good fake-tan creme enough or do you have to have a base tan? I really don’t want the UV exposure, and want to be able to get rid of the tan as soona s possible after the comp. as I prefer to be pale? How about tanning pills?

Uck! Tanning pills turn you orange,including your palms and the soles of your feet. For tanning,it depends on your natural skin color.I’m Irish and Spanish and have a slightly olive tone to my skin.I tanned up to 2 days before a show.They say not to tan right before a show because recently tanned skin can hold water. Most people have at least a light base tan, so the tanning products look natural. African-American competitors also used the tanning products for an even skin tone.Exfoliate first, then I used Protan x1 in the evening the 2nd day out, showered in AM, then used it x2 (AM & PM) the day before show. Also in the PM wearing rubber gloves, apply Jan Tana Comp.Tan. Have someone, that you don’t mind rubbing your nude body, help you with this ( My boyfriend just loved this job and offered to help all the other female contestants as well)get as BLACK as possible, sleep in it and in the AM evaluate your look, applying more Jan Tana if needed. It will take a week to start looking more normal colored.Try using body scrubs to expedite this. Good Luck !

Find someplace that sells Dreamtan! It is the best competition tan you can get. It contains “sparkles” (lack of a better word) so you don’t need to oil up - you have the perfect sheen on-stage! ALso…drumroll please…it washes right off in the shower with no residue! Costs about 25-30 bucks per container but is well worth it! I was introduced to it about 4 years ago by a guy who at weigh in was white as a ghost then he went to the pump up room and within minutes was darker than me! I had yesed the ProTan and Dyoderm route that year - endless coats of paint. Now I just do tanning to help shed water and increase vascularity and rely on Dreamtan for color. This is not a paid avertisement - I have no idea where to get it - my friend who owns a Nutrisport got it for me! Hope this helps - good luck on your show! Matt

I remember reading about something called canthaxanthin (I’m relying on an increasingly feable memory on this one, so the spelling may be off). Sounded promising, but I have no personal experience. I don’t even compete. Might be worth looking into, though.