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Shouts out to all my T-Folk…Sorry haven’t been thinking of more theory posts, but I have been working and time-consummed. Question: I am irish and do not tan easily. I am trying Banana boat sunless tan creme> anybody every experiment with sunless tanning creams and what are your thoughts?
Peace out Vain

Yes. Use Neutrogena Sunless Bronzer. I like the lotion better than the foam, it is a little easier to apply evenly. I suggest using a loofah or some kind of body scrub in the shower to exfoliate, then use a really good moisturizer all over. This will eliminate any dry areas which can make the application uneven and give you dark spots. It has an instant bronzer so you can see exactly where it goes immediately, BUT, the instant bronzer looks bad, truly nuclear, so don’t slap it on for big date thinking it will give you a sexy glow. But the actual tan looks really natural. I use it at night so that I can just wash off the bronzer in the morning and no-one has to see it. Oh, yeah one more thing, start with your legs then wash your hands right away and make sure you get any off your forearm, then do your torso, and wash your hands, then your arms, and work really fast and do it in front of a mirror. The bronzer will stain your palms super fast doing it this way avoids that. My skin is also relly pale and it takes about 3 or 4 applications until I get a “hey, nice tan” color.

I hear you. I am a redhead and am resigned to being sunburned and polka-dotted.