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Tanning Tips


hey all,

anyone want to share some tips for tanning????

I would like to get that golden looking tan but not sure how.....

I'm scared to tan and end up all charcoal colored with no glow...????



For the most even tan, go to a stand up tanning bed. Start going about 3 or 4 times a week...do this for about three weeks depending on how pale you are now...then keep going once or twice a week to maintain color without getting darker.

Or if you're scared of tanning beds, the new Neutrogena build a tan lotion works great. So does the new Jergens tanning lotion. You use them just like regular lotion. The tan gets darker the more frequently you apply.


neutrogena and jergins????

any others guys???
anyone heard of designer skin???


If you're gonna tan the natural way (out in the sun) be sure to put on some sort of low SPF tanning oil. You may not get as tan as quickly but when it does come in, it'll be darker and bronzer than if you just lay out and burn ("the sunburn will turn into a tan!") If you go the burn->tan route, your tan will look redder and generally not as "full."