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Tanning Beds

I just got back from getting a package for tanning. I went in the high pressure bed. Do you think these high pressure beds are worth the extra money?

Also, do I need to buy lotion for tanning? They charged me $5 for a small package I will get two uses out of.



Your done what!!! Is there a problem with my question???

Dude, why do you feel the need to tan? Its a waste of time and money.

How much is a session in the high pressure bed? I would say experiment with the different beds they have and see which works best for you. Do the same thing with the lotion. I’ve used some that works well and others that don’t. I think that the ones with hemp in them are supposed to work well.

Oh, and don’t worry about tanning advice saying tanning is a waste from the guy who hasn’t gotten laid in a year.

I wanted some info a while back so I whent online…the stuff from the industry said tanning was safe, nay healthy. American dermatological association howerver said it not only contributes to skin cancer but it adversely effects your immune system. I dont know about you but I figure the ADA got nothing to gain by you not tanning…in fact the Derms will have a new patient if you keep it up, so they seem to have less reason to mislead.
Just some thoughts.

The main reason I’m tanning right now is because we are getting ready to go to Florida for vacation. I will be spending a lot of time at the beach and don’t want to get fried.

Tan away kid, and yes lotion helps a lot. Especially if your not a pussy and get the shit with high “tingle” effect. It basically feels like your skin is going through a 3rd degree sunburn for a half hour to an hour after your done, but the color you get is much better and not to mention faster than withought. This will also keep you from having to tan every day, you can get away with a couple times a week, then once a week to keep your desired level.

Go online and buy a bottle of lation as it’s like 12-20 bucks for a decent one and it will last 30 uses or so.

And yes most young attractive horny girls are into a guy who has a nice deep tan, they actually never think of it in the way some guys do… like your a priss or something. They just want to touch your nice dark skin, … all of it.

I was listening to the Clark Howard show on the radio the other day - he’s a consumer advocate. Anyways, I caught the end of the discussion, but some new study came out and he was talking about how God awful tanning beds are for people.

They can now direcly correclate these beds to skin cancer and weaker immume systems. Just passing on info I heard, you make the call…

I was going to buy a week or two for tanning THAT DAY, and decided against it!


I can’t comment on lotion b/c I’m too cheap to use it. But as far as beds…regular beds will get you an OK tan…I’d use them to build a “base” first and then once you seem to stop getting darker switch to the high pressure beds. I’ve tried the high pressure beds and noted anything diferent though. I personally feel the stand up beds are the best.

I tan average 3 days a week. My salon is filled with sexy tanned young things of whom many I’ve tagged. It’s quite possible the most relaxing time of my days. Sunlight also decreases seasonal depression, makes you looks better nekkid, and in most people’s opinion makes one look healthier. Overexposure=a sunburn is not a good thing. Lotion makes a huge difference. Don’t keep paying too much for a little shit sample. Figure which one you like then get a big bottle either at the salon or if you wanna save another 5-10 bucks go online.


Burning is what you want to avoid, whether in a bed or the sun. I tan once a week, that’s all I need.

And there’s nothing worse than pasty white skin in the gym.