Tanning Beds

I was in the hospital for a month and had to spend last winter in a place that HAS winter :frowning: So I lightened up a lot. Especially after spending all that time in the hospital. So I bought a set of tanning bed apppointments. I go in for about 20 minutes before I hit the gym. I feel awesome. Is there something about tanning beds that help energize, relax your muscles, or benefit your recovery? I really feel great and ready to get my pump on -anyone else?

I have noticed that the heat from the tanning bed loosens my muscles up, and relaxes them like my pre workout warmup. I also read about psychologists using ‘Light therapy’ on depressed people, that could be part of it. Not to mention, just laying down, relaxing and listening to music can almost be like 20 minutes of meditation, so that could elevate your mood. All of those things combined could definitely help you feel motivated and increase energy levels I guess. Who cares what the reasons are, if it works do it man!

I have seen a few studies that show having your testicles exposed to sunlight causes a tempory increase of testosterone up to 300%. I have been trying to talk Cy Willson into further researching this and doing an article but he just laughs at me. I do notice I get leaner and stronger while I am tanning.

Bright light has been used to treat seasonal depression. Maybe tanning lights offer a pick-me up too, at least in the winter.

Yah, I tried sunning my balls before, but the cops showed up. I told them I was just trying to elevate my T-levels, but they just beat me Rodney King style and called me a freak. When will society wake up and realize that T is a good thing!??? Damn!

I don’t know man. I use the towel to cover up my sack. It just seems like some evidence may come out later about zappin your nutz :slight_smile:

Sunnign your balls… HAHAHAA!!!

Light therapy has been used on people with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by exposing moderate light into the retina for prolonged periods. It has nothing to do with skin’s exposure to UVA/UVB rays. Recent studies have confirmed that there is no difference between the damaging rays from the sun, and those from tanning beds.

I do the same bro. I prefer the stand up, but they both work. I think its important to start a workout with a sweat going, and I usually use the bed and then some light cardio beofre I start. Definitely makes a difference.

I think it’s all purely psychological. Fake sun or the “real deal” - I do usually “feel” stronger and feel that I also look better after a bit of exposure.