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Tanning advice

I’m thinking about looking into a sunless body/facial tanner. I’m on a prescription that won’t allow me to tan and I don’t tan well anyway. Anyone have a specific brand or kind that has proven effective.

Neutrogena foaming self-tanner is good.

Banana Boat Self-Tanning Mousse. Easy to apply, good color and cheap. Make sure you get the mousse though, the spray or lotion are not near as easy to use.

Banana Boat didn’t work too well for me but I didn’t use the mousse. I’ll second the motion for Neutrogena though. The foam works really well, and if you can find the Very Dark formula (hard to come by where I live, especially this time of year) you’re good to go.

Thanks for the suggestions. Are they for both face and body? And if so, should I be cautionate of any cleansing procedures for the face?

I rarely use self-tanners, due to the time
involved, the fact that they all look a little
unnatural, and the tendency to have problems
at elbows, knees, hands, or odd patches of
skin. But, in my opinion and some other
people I know, Au Courant is the best. There
are versions both for face and body.

the neutrogena kind. I forget the exact type, but i’ll find it out for you. It came in a little orange bottle. I’m naturally fair/red and don’t tan easy. I did a little bit in a tanning bed in the weeks before a show but still looked pale. Then used this stuff. It looked very good as I was diligent in the application and used several times. Several people after seeing my face asked if I had been at the beach.

For everything you ever wanted to know about sunless tanning go to the search engine “Google”, type in “sunless” and go to the first site listed. It includes product reviews, how-to guides, and even a message board.

whatever you do, DO NOT USE TANNING PILLS! you know the canth-whatever shit. I bought these things and it turned me completely orange! and I mean everything! my palms were orange, my finger and toenails, even my dick! I refused to acknowledge this until a put on some sunglasses with uv blockers and saw for my own eyes that I was flourescent orange. It took about 9 months for it to clear out of my toenails. terrible shit