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Tank Tops


Do any of you wear tank tops, and if you do...where and when? I want to wear tank tops around...but alot of people consider it "gay".


I wear them to work... I work at a kayak shop and it gets hot as balls in the dead of summer in the sun. They work.

I dont wear them any other place than that though, I wouldnt wear them to go out.


What do you mean? Are you looking for people to say it's ok to wear them on dates or to work?


This guy's always got a tank top on. Maybe you should try to contact him.


I might where them when I lift. I might where it while working outside, going to the beach, or other outdoor event. Other than that, I avoid it.
If you don't have the build for them, you look like a clown trying to play tough. If you do have the build, you look like you are trying to show off.
It is fine on a nice summer day when you spend the majority of your time outdoors, and casual and comfort takes priority over looks and class. However, anywhere else, like the mall, out to eat, etc. looks pretty tacky.


Except if it's got the arrow pointing to the left on it with the caption, "I'm with stupid". Then it's all class


If it's a formal setting then I wear a collared shirt, pants, shoes ect. If it's a very casual enviroment ie. a bar, club, supermarket, mall, wild party at a friends house I LOOOVE rocking a beater. As for those who feel it's gay perhaps they can suck my dick. If a woman had a nice body nobody would say shit if she had a tanktop on. I should mention I'm from Jersey and have lived/do live near the shore all my life, hence you're lucky to get me to wear any shirt if it's above 70 and I'm allowed not to...I most of the time I decide if I'm allowed.

BTW to the original poster if you're asking because you would like to wear one but feel a little weird about it. You really should consider not giving a shit about what other people may think.


Tank top resembles the top of a woman's dress, woman's one-piece bathing suit or a leotard. Those are probably the origin of the femme connotation with that style of top.


Gay? I always thought they were white trash. The times, they are a changing.


Yea, there more white trash than gay, imo.


So, if you let a guy suck your dick, that could mean that you're gay... and you wear a beater, ergo, wearing a beater is gay (which, as I said above, isn't my view, but it seems to be yours.)


Hmmm I do wear them but get them a bit loose.. if youre thinking of those tight "wife beaters" then you better be from the south, OR have a lucrative career in Hip Hop, or a gangsta..

if you wanna wear one casually, I recommend the colored ones that have different colored piping sewn in..

just an opinion


Has anyone considered the idea that wearing a tank top is both white trash AND gay??

a less feminine version of the tank top: t-shirt with sleeves ripped off.


If you see anyone wearing one of these, consider that he ripped the sleeves off of his own t-shirts so he could look more manly. I don't know about you, but I'd have a hard time respecting that man.


Maybe less feminine, but definitely more white-trash. Why don't you just grow a mullet, wear a trucker's hat and no shirt?


Are you asking us here for fashion advice?
Hmmm. Are tank tops in this season?

If yes then what is the spring colour scheme?

Do you wear shorts with a tank top or sweatpants? What about jeans?

Are we into cotton or synthetics.
With badass logo stamped on it or just plain?

These are all difficult questions and require time to answer. I will consult with some of the leading fashion specialists in Milano and get back to you just as soon as I can.
Hang in there.


You know, I have always wondered - aren't the men who ALWAYS make such a big deal about being/not being/appearing gay the feminine ones? They often seem to pay way more attention to not appearing gay than any other people pay attention to the way the look, etc. Isn't that kinda gay by itself?

Wow, that paragraph sure scores high on "gay"


Very good post and good question.


Cutoffs. Must be cut so short that the pockets hang out the bottom.


If you have to consider whether something would make you look gay then you're probably fucking gay.


By the way, is it gay if I swallow?