Tank M1 Sled from Torque Fitness

Tank M1 Sled

Training sleds are awesome and versatile, whether you’re pushing or pulling heavy for strength or going lighter for metabolic conditioning. The problem has always been twofold: you need the right surface, and you’ll eventually need a mountain of weight plates.

The Tank M1 solves both issues. First, it has wheels, so any surface will work. Second, it has built-in resistance in the form of a mag-force variable resistance brake. That just means the harder you push it, the “heavier” it gets.

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Thanks for adding your review. I’ve only used something like this indoors on that green indoor-outdoor carpet stuff. I liked it. Allows you to just push harder in a short space and still get properly wrecked.

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I have one and I like it a lot. I got it to use in my driveway, which is done with some really nice pavers that I didn’t want to jack up with a traditional sled. So long as I load the sled with ~135# in plates, I’ve had no issues with the tire skipping.

If I had a driveway I didn’t care about I would have gotten a traditional sled or prowler instead. The one thing I do miss with the Tank is that as Isaiah63 notes, you can’t really grind against it, which means it doesn’t work so well as a substitute for lower body lifting for those of us with beat up joints. I’d still get mine again though.


My gym got one of these recently, and put in a turf strip. I like it. True about low-speed being easy but for me it feels like an autoregulated resistance.
The one at my gym is the same make but slightly different model, both ends are the same - which is great because you just go to the other end instead of turning the whole thing around.

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