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I read some previos posts regarding the tanita model 622. Most people seem to think that it is a waste of money. However, the T-mag staff (Brock, Chris) seem to like it a lot. Based on the conflicting opinions, it is actually worth buying one?

I love mine. It may not be accurate but
it is precise and to me, that’s a perfectly
acceptable way to track my progress.

Plus, they’re cheap as all heck!!!

Plus, it tells you you’re a fat fuck (i.e. consistently high bf levels), so it’s motivational!!

so you need some info on tanita fat scales hey! well i work at a well known fitness store in Canada and we sell tanita fat scales. A fat scale is an awesome way to track your progress when you are on a program. The accuracy of one of these scales is anywhere from 0-5% off. i personally have a scale for home and an super happy with it! Thanks T.

In my opinion, bio electrical impedence device (tanita scale and others) do a pretty good job of measuring lean body mass. But, I think that the percentage number that comes up in not necessarily all fat. For instance, if you weight 200 lbs, and the tanita scale shows that you are at 15%, that means that 170 lbs is lean mass, and 30 lbs is NOT lean mass. NOT lean mass may be made up of more than just fat (intestinal volume, etc).

I personally use both the tanita scale, and the calipers. I average the readings on the two, and make that the "true" percentage. I think that method may actually be a little close to how much fat weight I actually have.

Has anyone used the Fat Tracker? It’s a device (like calipers) which digitally measures skin fold in 4/5 places (and you can take 3 readings per site and it will average them for you) and then from those measurements it calculated your bf%. Obviously it will take some time (like with calipers) before you get used to using it and can perform consistent skin folds, but is it any good?