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Tanita Weight and BF Scale

Just wondering if anyone has experience with these, and if they are very dependable.

Basically it’s a scale you stand on, and it sends a electrical signal through your body to measure your composition. Takes weight and body fat. However for most people on here, they would have to buy one with the Athlete’s mode. Just curious on if people have used 'em, and how well they work.

They work very well if you know how to use them right. Also get a model with the athlete setting. Tanita TBF-551 is a good choice. Hop on first thing in morning after going to the bathroom. Take several measurements, drop the first, average the rest. Do this everyday. Take a weekly average of weight and body comp and use the weekly average to track progress. Could say more, but gotta go. Please ask more if you need more clarification.

This pops up weekly it seems. Type “tanita” into the search engine over at the left and you’ll have your answer.

Jason Norcross has written an article discussing different methods and advantages/drawbacks of each to measure body fat and discusses the Tanita in the article (that I was lucky enough to get a preview of). Hopefully TC will publish the article on line. And hopefully ASAP as I know a lot of us are dieting right now and it’s very useful information.