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Tanita vs Fat Track

OK. You guys at T-Mag have reccomended both Tanita and Fat Track in your “Things We Like” column. So, I’d like to know, which do you think is the most accurate? Anyone on the staff feel free to give me an opinion.

Actually, T-mag hasn’t recommended anything; John and I have given our personal opinions on a few products. Just saying that because the mag itself doesn’t “officially” recommend many things. The Tanita can get annoying and if you’re really anal about bf, then skip it. I haven’t tried the FatTrack (that was John’s review) but I’ve heard from a couple of people that it can vary by 2-3 percent. As always, the mirror is the best bet. Actually, photos and videos are better because people tend to stand just right when looking in the mirror to cover flaws.

Also, just an observation: When it comes to measuring bodyfat, people tend to like whatever method gives them the lowest reading. If something gives them a higher reading it must therefore “suck”. Human psychology is fun, no?

I just got a pair of Fat Track II calipers. I played around with them for a little while and all I could get for a reading was a rating of 1. Which according to their chart equals 13% or less. WTF?! I already knew that! I got these from a good site for very cheap ($29). Did I get the wrong ones or am I doing something wrong?

Sorry. “reccomend” was a bad choice of words. I know you just review things. I just thought I’d ask, but since you haven’t used both, I guess you can’t compare. Yeah, I know what ya mean about people wanting the lower rating. If that’s the case, they should just go around saying they are 5% just for kicks.