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Tanita TBF-612

Hey Chris, is the Tanita TBF-612 (Stuff We Like) still your favorite scale to use? I am going to purchase one if you don’t have a better one in mind.

Well, remember, if you want dead-on accuracy these devices aren’t for you. But if you want convenience and a “ballpark” figure, then they’re okay. (They usually measure you high, so don’t freak out at first.) Since I use the mirror more than anything else, yes, I still like my 612. BTW, John K. will be reviewing some of those new electronic fat calipers for a future “Stuff We Like” column.

I purchase one of those Tanita scale. The only thing I don’t understand well is the athlete and adult mode.
For instance when I use it on the adult mode my body fat is around 28% but when I use it on the athlete mode it drops to 17%!!! Very weird shit.
My girlfriend on the other hand, when she uses it on the athlete mode she gets 26% or so and on the adult mode she gets around 28%.
I contact Tanita’s tech support and all they told me was whatever was writtten on the manual so it was no help at all.
Go figure.

Thanks Chris …I am really not concerned about the actual % I want to use the number to chart progress along with the mirror…I would assume it would be good for this?

Davan, it’s okay to use for weekly fat checks, but if you do it daily the fluctuations caused by hydration levels and numerous other factors will drive you nucking futs. Still, it should work okay for your goals.

I’ve used my Tanita scale for a while now and found by taking readings at the same time each day and then averaging these readings for a week the hydration fluctuations are minimized. Just don’t obsess over one high reading.