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Tanita Scale

For those of you that have a Tanita scale, do you use the regular one or the Athlete model? I have been using the regular model for about 3 or 4 months. I started at 216 pounds and 26% bodyfat (according to the scale) I am now at 191 and get a reading of around 21 - 22%. But I have now been getting this same reading while obviously continuing to lose fat jusdging from the mirror. I recently bough some calipers and using a 3 site measurememrent, cam up with bewteen 14 and 15%. This seems more reasonable to me judging from the mirror. Would I get more accurate results using the Athlete model? It seemed to me this was more for someone like a distance runner judging from the instructions. And I am ALWAYS hydrated so I do not think that is the issue.

i have the same problem with the normal tanita, i get 17% and 13% by three site caliper. i just assume about half way between the 2.

The scale uses electrical conductivity through the body to measure the fat levels. The path of least resistance for the electrons to take from one foot to the other is through the groin. It therefore measures your legs’ BF% more or less accurately but has no idea about the upper body. Try grabbing your ankles as it takes the measurement; this is a great way to lose 5-10% body fat in 5 seconds!

Holy bent over bodyfat percentages! You are right. I came home today and stood up on the scale and got a reading of 20% at a weight of 191. Then I tried again but this time I grabbed my ankles as suggested and got a reading of 16% (of course with the same weight). So which is more acurate? It certainly seems to me that 16% is probably pretty close to my true %. Should this be more acurate than standing up? I am a bit confused.

I have the same model and same problem. It will never go below 20% body fat and I know I am lower than that. So I bought me a pair off calipers, one is the FatTrackII digital calipers and the other is just the plain old calipers. Both say I am at 15-16% body fat after multiple testings. Scrap the Tanita, its junk.

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