Tanita scale question

Hey all you Tanita experts out there!!

I was wondering what the difference between the “Athlete” and the “Normal Person” settings were on the scale. The reason I ask is that if I change from normal to athlete setting, my BF drops something like 9%… Talk about an easy way to lose 9% BF… :wink:

If it matters:

* measurements taken at same time of day over time (1 week)
* Took 5 weighings, dropped first, and averaged.
* "normal" -> 254 / 34% BF
* "athlete" -> 254 / 25% BF

Thanks for any info,

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You got it. 10%

The instructions that come with the scale mention the difference. Essentially, its based on the fact that the body comp scales are based on averages. Athlete refers to people who engage in aerobic training or sports. The Tanita scales specifically say they are valid for bodybuilders. This is because the scale shoots electricity up one leg and down the other, measuring the time it takes (like Sonar). Water conducts weight, and lean weight and fatty weight have different concentrations of water. Thats why the scale gets screwed up if your dehydrated. At 254lbs and 25-34% body fat, I worry less about the scale and use the mirror. If you insist on using the bf scale then I’d guess you are in the normal category.

Zippy -

I just bumped up a thread entitled "Jason N: %Body Fat Follow-up". In that thread, I discuss bioimpedance and many of the questions you asked in this thread. Check the other thread out and see if that helps. If you need more help, just holler.