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Tanita Fat Monitor

I got the tanita scale for christmas and i set it on athlete mode at my height and it said i was only 3 percent, this is consistent too, for the last 2 days i’m real lean but i dont know about 3 percent. but when i put it on adult mode I’m at 7 percent? whats up with that? I also thought that the scales body fat measurment was on the high side even if your lean.

Those scales usually do read high. Are you properly hydrated? Read the ‘stuff we like’ column at t-mag, if you haven’t already. They reviewed the scale once.

I got a tanita scale a few weeks ago. At the adult setting, it gives me readings that fluctuate by 5%. That makes no sense, so I thought maybe its the difference of getting on it when my feet are dry (before shower) or when they may be slightly damp (after shower). If so, which one is the accurate reading? Or maybe its got nothing to do with that and my hydration levels vary. Anyway, I still don’t know what my real bodyfat is…

I also have the Tanita, I don’t really worry about the % being correct, it just allows you to see if you are on the right path. The most consistant measurements are at night, not in the morning…hope this helps

I have the Tanita as well. I keep it on the athletic setting and I get readings that vary radically as well.

Hydration is such a big issue with that scale.

Quite frankly, it taught me that the mirror is the best measure of bodyfat.