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Tango and Cash


Hey T-Men and T-Vixen's, I'm hoping that some of you out there are good for some advice. This is my situation. I'm going into the police next June and want to train my ass of before then. I train pretty hard at the moment ( 4 day per week) and follow some of the training routines and tips outlined by Brad Cardoza in the Stones And Tyres thread. At the moment I'm 6'2" and 105 kg or 230 pds. I'm 27 and have been lifting for 9 years. I like to follow a powerlifting and low rep orientated program.

My goal is to add 5kg and then strip back to 105. Is the low rep style the way to go??? Also my program is mainly based around compound movements. Hitting my legs is a priority. They're a good size at the moment but I can't get enough training into them.

This is what I have in mind:
Monday - Lower Body Push Movement
Tuesday - Upper Push
Thursday - Lower Pull
Friday - Upper Pull

Exercises that I like to build around are squat, deadlift, push press and bent over row.

Also I've broken the program down to 3 phases. Weeks 1-3 powerlifting style program, sets 4-5 and reps 4-6. Weeks 4-5 more bodybuilding routines thrown in like supersets etc to shock the body. Weeks 6-8 are powerlifting style again, set 5-8 and reps 2-4.

My diet isn't too bad at the moment. None of that steamed fish and rice stuff. Lots of oats and beans, plenty of meat and 2-3 shakes a day. Probably 7-8 meals a day. I just drink water and orange juice, no alcohol, soft drink etc.

Does all this look OK. Thanks.


Do a little research and find out what events the Police acedemy test in. I see you are from Australia, so it might be different. Hell, it is different here state to state.

Specific events that many departments test in is pushups, situps, pullups, 40 meter sprint, a shuttle run, and a dummy drag. I've heard of some departments testing grip strength (for firearm retention). I have never heard of departments testing max strength, like the powerlifts.

That being said, your program looks fine for strength and size. I would seriously consider and much more endurance work and GPP, as you get closer to your deadline. Also, check out the crossfit website.


Man, I clicked on this thread thinking the topic was going to be about that great buddy cop film with Sly and Kurt Russel. :slightly_smiling:


"Great buddy cop film?" YIKES! That was the second worst movie I have ever seen.

The worst being another Sly film: "Cobra."


Hence the smiley face at the end...it was a joke. I agree that movie was horrible...But I have to admit I like Cobra for some unknown reason. Maybe the Mercury is what did it. Now, did you see "Stop, or my mother wil shoot!"?


Sorry about not catching the smilely face..Duh.

"Stop or my Mom will shoot" was another of Sly's clunkers....

I'm thinking the only good movies that he ever did were the Rocky movies (and not all of them were good). And the Rambo series.

There must be other worthy Stallone films but I can't think of any, how about you?


C'mon, that movie had one of the best/worst quotes of all time! "You're a disease... I'm the cure."


Yea, I remember thinking: "This movie is the disease and the cure is turning it off!"



Demolition Man.

I'm being serious.

Oh, and Copland, obviously.


I don't think the physical is overly demanding. This program is to add strength and size so I have a presence.

Cobra should have won academy awards.


Copland...VERY excellent.


Yes, I have to agree, Copland was a good film.


@ 6'2" / 230, it sounds like you have a presence. :wink:

Interesting choice for the thread title. It's like you get a 2fer.....

\|/ 3Toes


Come now, there are far worse films than 'Tango and Cash'.

"Shaft" being one of them.


Cliffhanger was entertaining.


BUT..."Who is the man who will risk his life for brother man?"


Yes, how did I forget about Cliffhanger. That was a decent film too.


Um, I do believe that would be Shaft.


Can you dig it?


What about the one with Banderas, where he's a sniper... I barely remember it, but I don't recall gagging.