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Tan through suits

being that i hate tan lines can anyone tell me if they have used a tan through suit and if it truly prevented tan lines?

Remember, the tan through suits are something like SPF 6. So if you use a SPF 15 lotion and forget about putting it on under the suit, then guess where you’ll burn. Actually, though, you will still get some funny tan lines at the seams.

SPF 6? Thats not to good. I would definitely stick to regular swimsuits, or at least put some sort of sunscreen on… My penis is the last thing I want burn and peeling. lol

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”

i got one as a gift. i’ve worn it only a few times, never out in public. like someone else mentioned, it does block the sun a little. i definately have seen noticeable tan lines when i wore it. the area it covers seems to get a little tan, but not nearly as much as the rest of your body. i havn’t worn suntan lotion with it though so it might be more even if you use spf 6 on the rest of your body.