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Tampon Ad Called Transphobic


Hey its clip11 and im back. I got a new job that has kept me real busy and then my internet was out. But anyway I came across this video about a commercial that aired in New zealand. I guess it was transphobic because it implied that transsexuals are not real women. But like other sane people, im thinking to myself, "but transsexuals are not real women", therefore, what is their to complain about? Or are we suppossed to ignore reality and the obvious in order to avoid offending a group of mentally disturbed people?

Heres the commercial:


I take no issue with people whom want to switch gender, but there's nothing wrong with this commercial other than the same criticism that can be applied to most commercials now.


Hmm... were ye sent here by the ANUS?


Happy trolling to you. Really though, the shit some people get worked up about...


HH is back?




Born with a penis?

Not a woman.