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TampaTerry on the payroll

She is about the best thing on this forum that is not paid. If not on the pay roll, she should get a kick back of some sort.

Guest Forum with Tampa Terry :slight_smile: C’mon T-mag, give her something!

Tampa-Terry is a girl ? Hah I thought it was a guy the whole time…

She is a great teacher- When I first came to the forum, I read the FAQ’s and then did a search on all of her posts, and I must say that she makes the articles easier for newbies to be(and oldbies, if that is a word) practical. Application of theories can sometimes be the hardest part of this whole irongame, and Tampa-Terry, you have helped many here at T-Mag. Thanks.

Tampa Terry a woman!!! oh crap I thought you were a dude!! Either way great info!!!

What? You guys surprised that TT is a woman? You backward male chauvenist bast…

Actually I thought she was a guy too. Heheh! Especially since the only “Terry” I now is a 2 metre tall rugby player who benches my 1RM squat.

TampaTerry is the single best contributor to this forum…Period!


I second that. She has gone out of here way to help me with an individualized nutrition plan these past few days and her the information is top-notch!

Thanks for all of your help, Terry!


Damn right sugarfree!
The amount of time (and patience) she spends is mega! All her comments are usefull AND positive.
Three cheers for TT!
Come on T-Mag, show your (and our) appreciation (grin, grin).
Old Dax


It’s great to see someone with your patience, generousity, and knowledge here. Thank you!

jjl51, splkast, tracer, don’t you listen to those guys. That thing 'bout me being a woman is just a dirty rumor that was started to confuse you-all! (wink)

Reminds me of “Pat” on Saturday Night Live. LOL!

Seriously, thanks, everyone, for the kind words. I promise you that Chris Shugart in particular has been very, very good to me. And it’s not just him. The same holds true for the gang at Biotest. There’s nothing I’ve ever asked out of those guys (and gals) where they haven’t come through for me with flying colors.

The thing is that we’re all on a journey. Like all of you, I’ve fought long and hard to get my body comp where I want it (almost there!) Is there anything more important in life than self esteem and liking the way you look?

The bottom line is it’s fun, I enjoy helping, and I owe T-Mag and all of its many WORLD-CLASS contributors a huge debt of gratitude for the information they’ve made available. But for them, I wouldn’t know what I know and I couldn’t do what I do. And when you stop to think about it, that’s what an Internet community like T-Mag is all about: Giving back that which has been given to you!!!

My most fervent hope is that you’ll be able to use what I share to achieve your goals and then pass on what you’ve learned to others. If so, I’ll feel like my time spent here has been time well spent.

It seems that every successful forum has a TampaTerry - willing to take the time to share their plethora of knowledge, yet extremely humble when it comes to recognition. It is good that t-mag (CS) has recognized this and is taking care to continue to incentive her; however, I doubt if she’s doing it because of that. It just seems to be old-fashioned generosity.

Here, here!

Great psot Terry and you are an example for us all.

On Charles Staley’s Coaching Call last night Chris Shugart spoke of a few “bad apples” who attempt to taint the value of online forums but there are people like Tampa-Terry out there who represent the pollar-opposite of these boneheads. People like Terry make these forums a great thing.

Keep up the great work Terry, you are appreciated.

I totally agree, while we have built a fine community here made up of a contributing group as a whole. Terry you are the back bone, the posterior chain of your ever improving little environment.

Thank you for all the help you have given to me personally. It has contributed to, as well as inspired me, to do my best [quote](never reaching your height of course :))[/quote] to help others and contribute to the forumn in a positive way.

I dont know what else to say that could portray what you mean to this little world of ours. Just thank you and all this response is much deserved.


With all due respect, Terry is one of the prolific posters here, as well as delivering well thought out responses articulately. But… I don’t think the advice is always accurate.

Brooklynmike, then jump in and help me out when you think I’ve got it all wrong! (grin)

The thing I love best about T-Mag is that it is a self-correcting entity. I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy sharing or helping. Stop by any time with your thoughts.

I bet she’s pretty hot.

The world of science and nutrition changes constantly. Beyond that, what works for someone does not work for everyone. Even the writers for T-mag often disagree or change their opinions over time. Before there was a Tdawg 2.0 diet there was a t-dawg diet, because things change. Terry is only human and mistakes are bound to be made. But if you look at her overall record, and see how many people have been inspired and have seen great results, it far outweighs any so-called inaccuracies. She is the ideal forum member. And by the way YANKEES SUCK!

Like any other advice or info. from any source. You have to sort through things. Experiment and find what works for you as an individual.

I don’t think this thread was started for sheer acuracy of post/info., but more for the effort, time, and caring that Terry shows to each and every person that she feels she can help in some way. Be it through info., inspiration, or just sheer kindness.


It is pretty funny that just about everybody thinks TampaTerry is a woman. Ha.