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Terry this one is going to have to be in the roids forum too but I thought I’d get your attention here better. I decided to go along with your advice and do 20-30 minutes cardio for two weeks in the morning on an empty stomach. Then two days on one day off of lifting until the second two weeks which will then be two times a day two days on, one day off. I am going to add in finasol. It just seems like the most appropriate use for the stuff right now. So at two weeks when I start to lift more I’m adding it in at either 60 or 80 mg a day in the morning. Will this be enough? Should I split the dose into two per day for better results? I expect strength gains and recovery will sky rocket on a cutting cycle and there for excellerate the whole process even more. Not to mention the fat burning aspect of Tren. Am I going over-board?

Hi, RS. It looks like you’ve been doing your research in a lot of areas; nutrition, training and gear, all three. I’m glad to see that you’re not just looking for chemical assistance to work miracles. However, the problem is that this is outside of my area of expertise. You see, there’s a reason I don’t travel over to the Steroid forum – I could learn a lot, but they wouldn’t put up with me for long if I started opening my mouth. (grin)

I am, however, familiar with the Mag-10 guidelines for eating. If your goal is to put on as much muscle as possible, you’re going to need 2g of protein per pound of BW and 3g of carbs per pound of BW. You would want to lower the numbers a bit if your goal was to put on a little muscle and drop a little fat at the same time. Run that by the guys over on the Steroid Forum. Fat intake I would keep on the low side. Don’t avoid what you get in meat normally, but beyond supplementing with high-dose fish oil, I would probably skip fat supplementation during your ON cycle.

Recovery. As I said, I’m not familiar with the steroids you’ve chosen, but you might be able to (and inclined to) work out harder than two days on, one day off. If you can handle it, go for six days a week. And do you have a program selected? I’d love to see you focusing on your basic, compound, multi-joint exercises; i.e., deadlifts, squats, leg presses, dips, bench presses of all varieties, pull-ups (on a Gravitron if you can’t do them on your own), etc. Those are your larger muscle groups and will give you the greatest return on your investment.

Also along the lines of recovery, do you have your supplementation program in place for your OFF cycles? I’m thinking of Tribex and M. A number of people have been using Methoxy to lock in their gains also.

Does that help? I’m sorry I can’t be more help re the dosing, but it would be irresponsible of me to make suggestions in that regard.

You are the shit man! Ok, I’ve been doing a lot of isolation but recently began doing compound movement more and more. So, your suggestion moves right along fine. I couldn’t do a widegrip pullup before and all the very specific and varied isolation work has enable me to begin doing these sorts of moves in proper form. I love the fact that I could never do a wide grip pullup before in my life and now I can! And my form is excellent!!! As for post cycle nutrition. I am going to do the Tribex500 for sure… but neither one of these (prohormone or steroid) aromatize or supress very much so I will just continue the MD6 instead of adding in M and methoxy. I may go for 6 times a week but going twice a day 6 times a week may be pushing it… I’m leaving my training a bit open so that I can adapt and get the most out of it. Diet is strict though! I am also trying get 8-10 hours of sleep and may begin night feeding while on the tren.

Looks good! As I said, it’s obvious that you’ve done your homework.

Congrats on the wide-grip pull-up. I did my first unassisted close-grip pull-up three days ago. I had been working on it for three months. Talk about feeling like I was hot stuff! (very big grin)

Be sure to report back your results. I’d be interested to hear how you do.