Tampa Terry Congrats!!

I never thought I’d use the terms “well-deserved” and “teste” in the same sentence, but one has to go to great lengths to describe TT’s contributions to the forum.

Great job, and congratulations!


You are the Best TT… I am still a total lard but it’s early days yet and I have managed to stop getting any fatter despite Xmas and new years indulgences :slight_smile:

Yep, me too - this forum has enough negative influences and constant sniping without justification to require any more but enough has been said on this one.

Eric, your particular thoughts and the turn of phrase on this one had me cracking up. You have a little comedic talent hidden in there with all those anatomy books of yours! (grin)

The rest of you had me blushing more times than you realized. It’s not just a case of my throwing in parenthetical (blushing) emoticons for dramatic effect. I’m serious!!!

Thank you, everyone. As each and every one of your names have popped up, it’s provided me with a chance to remember discussions we’ve had or shared experiences. I have so many happy memories here on T-Mag, and I’ve met so many wonderful people.

Honestly, T-Folks, the pleasure has been mine.

Terry “Hoping 2004 Exceeds All Your Expectations & Doing Her Best to Imitate Dan McV” Lee

TT- well deserved Congrats!!! By the way did u recieve my Christmas card?

In Health Always,

Silas C.

Fitone, yes, I did!!! Thank you for the card and the congrats!!! (grin)

Congratulations Tampa-Terry. I hope TC and the Biotest guys hooked you up with some free gear. You deserve it.


As a newbie, Tampa Terry was the reason I first posted. She has supported my efforts and her posts always have great information! This site can be a bit intimidating at first to newbies. When TT posts with her POSITIVE feedback, it tends to set the tone for a fun and informative thread from most everyone…


Thanks, David. Believe it or not, I do what I do for the pleasure it brings me. And truth be told, I still feel like I’m the one who owes Biotest a huge “Thank You!” Do you have any idea how much information Biotest & T-Mag have provided me in the last year?!?!

Quoting from one of JB’s articles . . .
"Just the other day I was thinking that it’s hard to believe my first published training article, The Creation of a T-man, ran just over 2 years ago. It seems like just yesterday.

"So, in a fit of nostalgia, I clicked the little ol’ link at the lower left hand portion of the T-mag home page, the link that says “Previous Issues,” and took a walk down memory lane. After reading the T-man article again, I thought in what must have been a moment of temporary delusion that I might go ahead and take a quick gander at each of the training articles published by T-mag since the publication of my first training article.

"Once I hit the December 28, 2001 issue, I gave up, teetering on the brink of retinal burnout.

"After all, in those 6 short months, I counted at least 39 articles devoted to improving some aspect of one’s lifting program. At a rate of 39 training articles per 1/2 year, we can assume that about 176 strength training related articles have been published from June of 2001 to October of 2003.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it, the amount of USEFUL information we’re provided and have access to on this site?

Tampa-Terry is indeed an MVP, from her offerings of oleaginous reduction tips to her patient promulgation of helpful advice she never tires of repeating that advice and makes every questioner feel as though they are important with specific advice as opposed to “use the search, this has been covered before”…

Even nicer is her enduring tolerance for being mistaken for a dude (and the sexist overtones that the error carries).

Terry, you are the nicest “Dude” I know.

Of course, comment on Tx2 would not be complete without mentioning her prodigious collection of Jumper Cables or her just as prodigious collection of “Lubricants from around the World”.

Out of respect for your Testes award, just for today we will pretend to believe your story about “preserving the lubrication of the collectable jumper cables so that I can sell them for top dollar on e-bay” story.


“Beer has long been the prime lubricant in our social intercourse and the sacred throat-anointing fluid that accompanies the ritual of mateship. To sink a few cold ones with the blokes is both an escape and a confirmation of belonging”

~ Rennie Ellis

Well, Cupcake, when I saw your name on this thread, I knew I had better go get a cup of coffee before I read it. (chuckling)

Do you know that your posts have caused me to become best friends with dictionary.com?

Mrs. Cupcake must be one heckuva lady, because when you get wound up (are you ever unwound?), it’s hard to keep up.

So as an aside, is the definition of oleaginous really “unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; ‘buttery praise’; ‘gave him a fulsome introduction’; ‘an oily sycophantic press agent’; ‘oleaginous hypocrisy’; ‘smarmy self-importance’; ‘the unctuous Uriah Heep’”

Congrats, TT! I’ve dedicated entire Sunday afternoons to reading what you post. You have no idea how big of a help you are not only to everyone that posts on a consistent basis, but to all of those lurkers out there as well.

congrats TT…the first one who responded to my first post on the T-forums and helped a ton. finally got my diet in order then :slight_smile:

thanks a bunch and congrats TT!

…well deserved and greatly appreciated by lurkers everywhere.

*now back to lurking (or the random post)

TT is the absolute best poster here! She has been so very informative and helpful to anyone that has asked a question here at t-mag. It is people like her that make t-mag forums the place to be!

Nice going TT! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2004!


Hogan & KC, thank you so much!!! You know, I think I’m going to print out this thread so that I can read it when I have a down day.

Hogan, you’re right about the fact that T-Mag has a lot of lurkers. That’s actually how I started out (and learned so much). I didn’t post for a very long time.

KC, that’s really cool! There’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve got your house (and diet!) in order. Cool, cool, cool!!!

See, Bigbadberlly, with 12 posts to your name, you just confirmed/verified what I said above. (chuckling)


BodyIQ, boy, oh, boy, long time, no post – er, no speak! I meant “no speak.”

You’re seriously missed, Dude!

BTW, has anyone ever told you that your handle would be the ultimate/perfect name for a PT’s business? If we could only raise the nation’s BodyIQ, obesity would all but disappear!

Dub T…I have yet to find myself in an unwound state although Mrs. Cake would surely like to see it…

As for “oleaginous”, it was used in a linguistically tenuous manner but one that I am sure would pass any measure of the Kings English.

Synonyms would include:




…and my new personal favourite and soon to find it’s way into a memo at work…“lardaceous”

I do have to say though, that had you not sent me those pictures (Nudge, nudge…wink, wink…say no more…eh?) comment on your extracurricular procreative wontoness would require much less coffee. (grin)

…again, Tsquare…you deserve it and I hope you enjoy your Testes.

“I had a linguistics professor who said that it’s man’s ability to use language that makes him the dominant species on the planet. That may be true. But I think there’s one other thing that separates us from animals. We aren’t afraid of vacuum cleaners”

~ Jeff Stilson

Terry, I had been watching your posts for months and when I was finally ready to get started three weeks ago, I knew I would be in great hands if I enlisted your help. I was right. Besides the fact that I’m feeling better after only a few weeks and have held up the discipline thus far, I am extremely thankful for your endless care and support. Words can’t describe the value of your contributions to this site and its readers, so congrats on a well-deserved award!

Congrats TT!

What dont you use the spotlight and tell us a little bit on how its going on lately with you?


Thank you for the kind words, Shiggy, but anyone here on the site who works with and trains people would tell you that to be able to work with a highly motivated individual, one who is willing to diet, one who is willing to work out, one who is willing to do cardio and who is willing to keep a food log is probably one of life’s greater pleasures. It’s really all you, Shiggy, and the fact that you’re buckling down, doing what you need to do, making things happen – and all that without making excuses!

GluteSpanker, I should really be in the spotlight this coming February when I hit my goal BF% and post pics. (grin) I already know what the thread title will be: “Body Built by T-Mag!” (grin)

I posted my goals for 2004 in KraigY’s thread (Off Topic). But the most exciting thing I’m doing is playing with a diet that’s stripping the last bit of BF off of me. Fabulous results so far! I’ve wanted something that would take a person down to low(er) BF percentages, something that was good for people below their set point or who had particularly stubborn metabolisms. In particular, I’ve wanted a diet that raised a person’s maintenance calorie requirements, since a lot of people have destroyed their metabolism due to too-long, too-low (calorie), too -much (cardio) dieting. And finally, I’ve wanted a diet that will do all of the above that’s good for women who don’t want to use chemical assistance to protect LBM.

I’m playing with it now, testing, tweaking and adjusting the numbers. After I get it perfectly dialed in, I want to take a DEXA BF test (before and after a given period of time) to make sure LBM is not being lost (or at least not lost at an unacceptable rate).

So are you sorry you asked? (grin)