Tampa Terry Congrats!!

Just wanted to say congrats on being named poster of the year. On a board with so many knowledgeable contributors thats really saying something!

I’ll second that. Congrats Terry!

Tampa-Terry is the best! She has no equals!

Good job Terry, always helpful and polite too.

Especially with the trademark (grin).

Actually, he/she (I can’t tell gender on the 'net) PMed me about a statement I made and helped me out nicely with my general diet (some simple yet good recommendations).

Congratulations, T-T. You’re the best.

Tampa-Terry is indeed One-In-A-Million…

You guys can only BEGIN to know the generous and giving heart that Terry has…

My wish for Terry in 2004 is two-fold:

  1. Continued contributions to this site that will not only be recognized by the Staff and Editors, but by all the members as a whole, and

  2. A “Change of Heart” by the member who has almost made it his “mission” in life to nic-pick and criticize almost EVERY ONE of TT’s post that he can.

None of us are perfect…and Terry would be the first to admit that. So it’s time for you to ease up…

(If it ain’t you…then you have no need to reply, right?)


Gosh, folks, I gotta get outta the T&N Forum more often. I didn’t even see this thread.

A heart-felt thank you to start with. With that out of the way, I find myself stuttering, stumbling 'round, and at a loss for words.

Actually, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. It’s all of you collectively that make me want to be here, that make it feel like “home.” I’ve learned from each and every one of you.

2004 is going to be an awesome year.

(A special thanks to you, Mufasa!)

Tampa-Terry, two words…

    YOU RULE!!!

Forrester, make that T-Mag Rules!!!

Thank you! (grin)

Congrats TT! You easily earn that award with your helpfulness and patience. I’m sure you enjoy helping others! Agian congrats!

Go girl!

yes congrats indeed!

i hope mufasa’s wishes come true also.


you’re a class act.

I just met Terry in person. It’s all true! She IS one of the nicest people I have ever met. Extremely knowledgable as well. Congrats Terry!

TT -You are the best.

Some well deserved Kudos.



Much deserved.


Was there ever any doubt?

TT, thanks.

Dan “Terry Lee!” McVicker

Easily the most helpful person on the forum. I don’t think anyone is as patient and helpful to beginners.

Well deserved.

Youdabest TT.