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Tampa-Terry...Carb Cycling And Bulking


Im getting reved up for a bulking phase…will hopefully be about 10%bf before I start…

and I want to try carb-cycling for doing it…

what kind of succes have people youve helped along had with this??

give us some number please :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of doing something like triple total training…so those are high carb days…on 3 off days some gpp be it gpp asap or some sled draging…so those are low carb days…and rest on sunday so virtually no carb day…

do you ever zig zag the protein??say change it from 1g to 2g and back or whatever??

any new bulking tips regarding suplements and what not??

what kind of fat gain have you seen with people using CC for mass gain??




anybody seen TT??