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Tampa/St. Pete Physical Therapist/Orthopedic Surgeon


I am in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and have had knee issues the last year. I've been to 1 chiropractor, 1 orthopedic surgeon, 1 physician, and 1 physical therapist in the last year to fix my knee pain. None of them have been successful and can't really even pinpoint the problem. I am in the St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida area.

Can anyone recommend a physical therapist and/or orthopedic surgeon?

Thank you for the reply in advance, it means a lot.


@Hurricane: Have you tried Eischen’s Yoga? You can get this through monkey bar gym for $30 (beginners) or $50 for all three levels. It’s good at balancing the body and has a similar effect to a chiropractic adjustment. It takes just under 13 minutes per day and you feel as energized after like you’ve had coffee. Personally, I think it’s worth trying, inexpensive, not much of an investment for the result you can get. Just google Eischen’s yoga and look for it under Monkeybargymuniversity.com.

You could try Kinesiology testing too. It’s mainly done in London. Basically it’s pinpointing muscles that are shut off and turning them back on. It generally takes 4-5 sessions, but has worked for me when no one could figure out what was going on. I had 4 muscles shut off in my shoulder, within 3 weeks they were back on and I was 100% functional again.