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TAMOXIMED (tamoxifene) 10mg

is this Novaldex basically? I know nolva is “tamoxifene citrate”…so if its missing the “citrate” part does it do the same job?

stupid question to some of you probably but humor me please

grr they should all just stick to same names its not that difficult. gotta be a freaking chemist

nevermind I answered my own question.

tried deleting post, didnt work.

um… they dont change the drug/chemical name, just the brand name.

I seriously doubt your ability to use ANY drug in a manner that will not cause harm to yourself and also potentially millions of innocent people.

I dont know how you could harm millions of innocent people, but i get the feeling you could by accident…

urine carries all the meds you use…water gets recycled…then millions swallow my then piss along with all the chemicals/meds Ive taken :wink: