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Tamoxifen vs. Raloxifene

Does anybody know which one is better in terms of getting rid of gyno? I’ve heard that raloxifene is better but then again, there is lack of information for it.

Tamoxifen/nolvadex works well. These are drugs developed to block estrogens in breast tissue, so its not very mistruster.

I posted this back in March after being prescribed Raloxifene for gyno. I really noticed postitive results from it. Good luck.

“Hey Guys, I have been on TRT for over a year. I gradually worked up to a max dose of 10 grams/Androgel a day. Somewhere between 7.5 grams and 10 grams I had a very rapidly forming case of gyno. I immediately lowered my dose to 5 grams until I could see my Endo. I previously had pubertal gyno that resolved itself and a surgical case of gyno about 4 years ago which I had removed. No AAS or Prohomones just super sensitive to hormonal changes. Anyways my doctor prescribed Raloxifene 60mg/ED about a month and a half ago and my nipple puffiness has subsided greatly. The swelling around my nipple has gone down as well but I still have tenderness and a deeper lump below my left nipple. It has subsided to the point where I don’t notice it in the mirror. Not sure if this is a success story just yet but I am quite happy with the results so far. I have now switched to shots but at a really reduced dose of 50mg/week. Considering the low dose I feel pretty good.”

So now we drift into E2 effects and I have to point out that SERM’s do not decrease E2 levels, they increase E2 levels. They are SELECTIVE estrogen receptor modulators and do not work in all tissues. So some non-SELECTED parts of your body can be exposed to higher E2 levels which may not have a good outcome. One may need SERM+AI, do the labs.