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Tamoxifen tabs 20mg

First let me introduce myself,
My name is Dado and I’m from the netherlands A.K.A Holland (where the weed is legal, lol)
I’m 24 yrs of age and still going to school and began training about 5 yrs ago.

Ehhh…Dunno what to tell…don’t think that you guys wanna hear how much I benchpress and that kind of stuff so I’ll get down to bizz.

This website is highly recommendend here in Holland because of the high number of vets so I guess I could ask you guys if anyone has any experience with tamoxifen tabs of 20 mg as an anti estrogen?

Thanks in advance

By the way, don’t mind the spelling errors

Tamoxifen aka nolvadex is a fine anti-estrogen. It generally comes in 20mg tabs and one of these daily will be sufficient for preventing gyno unless you have a prexisting condition or you are really susceptible to it. It also works well for recovery in place of clomid.

I see…I know of nolvadex and clomid but I did not knew that nolva and tamoxifen are the same thing…
actually, isn’t it true that nolva is being used by women who had brestcancer?

Tamoxifen comes in 10mg and 20mg version. I have used the 20mg version. I was doing a little bit of water retention in my hand due to sustenon and 1 pills each 3-4 days made the job. I recommend you to read more on anti-es because estrogen are good to a certain point, so it is not well to always block them for nothing. But if you feel just a little sore in the nipple, don’t wait.
It is true that some women use that for breast cancer and also as a fertilisant.



Allright, thanks guys!!