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Tamoxifen Not Working?

I was trying to get off TRT.
My doctor prescribed me hcg with high dose of 2500iu EOD.
I was with that dose for a bit over two months and switched to tamoxifen with 20mg/d.
I felt horrible on tamoxifen so I took bloods after two weeks. Here are my labs (it didn’t include LH which was a mistake.

Total testosterone 1.0 nmol/l (8-29)
SHBG: 32 nmol/l (15-95)
Free testosterone: 16 pmol/l (155-800)

Now I know that two weeks is a short time, but my levels should have recoverer at least a little right?? This is basically zero.
Considering I was on hcg before tamoxifen, I should have had better results right?
Maybe the desensitize thing of high hcg isn’t a meme after all?

Anyways, what do you guys think?
My new doctor told me that I should just continue TRT.

You don’t really have a choice, you are not producing testosterone. If your levels are that low on Tamoxifen, you need to get back on TRT, and sooner rather than later.

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No LH or FSH?

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You are probably right.

That’s good advice, I would listen to him.

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Sadly no LH or FSH.
This was just a quick check up because I was feeling so terrible.
Obviously I should have gotten more bloods, but my doc made a referral for only testosterone labs.

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I would have just loved to be able to live without meds, but I guess it’s not so bad.
I just hope I won’t start getting those migraines with aura again. They are scary.

My doctor told me to take hcg for a while now, so I can put some semen in the sperm bank, and hop back on TRT after that.
Sadly hcg + TRT combination is not an option where I live, according to my doctor.
Well, the HCG alone gave me decent numbers so it’s not that bad.

Why? Are both not readily available? Sounds like the doc is the one limiting it to me.

TRT+HCG is good because it can preserve fertility, you would think the medical community would be all for it. Your doc may be mistaken about being able to use HCG with your TRT, some docs still believe you can’t inject SQ.