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Tamoxifen Citrate

Hi mr,i copy this from a high ranking trusthworty site,i have some questions about it if you dont mind:

‘Its important to note that tamoxifen citrate doesnt reduce estrogen througout the body,and that those athletes looking to minimize overall water retention and bloat should look towards true estrogen blockers such as anastrozole or exemestane’

Does this mean i can still get bloated and other possible side effects caused by e2,but not gyno? I remember well you said 20mg tamoxifen a day for guys on trt,and to have the aromasin on hand. This was my plan but as i read the description of tamoxifen on this site i have to ask you this.

Its getting close to start trt at 120mg a week and blast now and then 200mg max,but for sure 120mg the first 10 weeks.
My baseline e2 is 90 pmol/l.

Should i start 20mg tamoxifen from first pin,and add in 12,5mg exemestane e3d in addition to the 20mg of tamoxifen if/when bloat occur?

Anastrozole does not block estrogens, it reduces T–>E2 aromatization. You should be clear on these things. Do not use term “blockers”.

Your needs for an aromatase inhibitor [AI] are proportional to your serum T levels. Blasting will change/trash things.

Stop getting your info from body builder forums.

"note that tamoxifen citrate doesn[’]t reduce estrogen throug[h]out the body"
Tamoxifen does not reduce estrogen anywhere, it reduces effects of estrogens on Selected tissues.

SERMs increase E2 levels and if doses are too high, typical of BB sites, E2 levels can get very high from T–>E2 inside the testes and a competitive AI [aromatase inhibitor] cannot manage T–>E2 inside the testes.

Recommended TRT is T+AI+hCG not T+AI+SERM

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that cleared it up thanks. in contrast to my baseline e2,is it ok to start 0,25mg anastrozole the same days i inject?
if i bloat or have other signs,i up anastrozole to 0,5mg monday and thursday?
Or should i go for aromasin instead? 12,5mg mon and thurs?