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I recently got 40mg pills of tamoxifen citrate. I have seen the recommendation of weeks 1-4 of PCT being 20mg/day, 20mg/day, 10mg/day, 10mg/day. I am only going to be on a 30 day cycle but my questions are

  1. I have read that since it's tamoxifen citrate and not just tamoxifen that the amount of tamoxifen per 1mg would be some fraction of that. So if I was trying to get 20mg tamoxifen, for example, how much tamoxifen citrate should I be taking? Or is the difference negligible? I think I remember something like 7.5mg of tamoxifen citrate per 10mg of tamoxifen

  2. It seems the general consensus is saving nolva for PCT only but every once in awhile I see nolva during the cycle recommended (something like 10mg/day ED). I would imagine this is unnecessary and possibly counterproductive but is there any truth to it?

  3. I have also seen an AI recommended after a SERM with the reasoning being that after estrogen is blocked for 4 weeks it will rebound and an AI for 2 weeks after this will help prevent this. So something like right after cycle having Nolva at 20/20/10/10/0/0 and Adex at 0/0/0/0/0.25mg EOD/0.25mg EOD. Any thoughts on this?


ive always seen pct of nolva being 40/40/20/20


I don't know where you read that, but don't get any more info from them. Tamoxifen citrate is the generic name of Nolvadex, it's the exact same stuff. Take 40/40/20/20.


OK I thought that might be the case.

Any thoughts on questions 2 and 3?


Re Question #3: Arimidex has a negative impact on SERM effectiveness...do not take them together...of note, aromasin does not seem to have the same effect as arimidex/anastrozole, so they could actuall ybe used together...


OK but what about as mentioned with adex for 2 weeks after the SERM? It doesn't seem like many people do that but it seems like it would make sense to control the estrogen rebound that would potentially occur after the SERM is stopped


Its unbelievable when considering the amount of time you spend on this forum and the questions you ask. Its seems like you start from square one, information wise, everytime you make a thread.


Estrogen rebound should not be an issue if you control estrogen on cycle and taper off the AI at the end.

This information has been addressed hundreds of times.


Agreed...the only reason I would ever consider AI after the SERM is if you were already predisposed to high estrogen issues and have a reason to suspect your estrogen is still high after discontinuing the SERM...even then, it would be a very low dose...



you mentioned before, but i couldnt find it, an alternative to the traditional 40/40/20/20... it was some thing like starting at 60mg ED then dropping down by 10mg every 5 days?

i believe you said it is more beneficial to build up in your system (front loading?)