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Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)??


is it better to take an anti-e in the am or pm?? i have herd to take it at night time.. what mg do you think i should take per day...and should i take it at night or in the am??


nighttime before bed


I take mine in the morning. Except for clomid - I don't really think it matters when you take your ancilliaries.


I usually split dose with 20mg in the morning and 10mg before bed. Based on this information:

The elimination [of tamoxifen citrate] is biphasic, with an initial half-life of around 7 h and a terminal half-life of 7-11 days. (Martindale, 1989; Buckley & Goa, 1989; Lien et al., 1989)

So I could be wrong. The reccommended effective dose is 20mg/day. I end up taking 30mg/day. Maybe I am overdosing a bit, but I feel better with this dosing schedule(and 'feeling' is totally subjective and based only on my experiences).


Hmmm, interesting... I haven't taken anything really yet, but I thought it was best to take a SERM at night, due to hormone production occuring when you sleep... Anyone care to expand on this with FIRST HAND experience?