Tamoxifen Carcinogenic?

Hey everybody,

I was doing some reading while i was supposed to be studying, and i came across a few articles (on the internet mind you, we’re not talking peer-reviewed journals or anything) that link use of tamoxifen/nolvadex to an increased risk of cancers. Specifically i found a list put out by the Saskatchewan Department of Labour that classifies tamoxifen as a known carcinogen (and it quotes a study).

Now, i’m assuming that this is a pretty low risk, even for women taking the breast-cancer-fixing dose, otherwise the drug wouldnt be approved and used so widely, which means that theres next to no risk for us who use it for more clandestine purposes. Right?

I have heard/read it was linked to prostate cancer. supposedly it works as an estrogen agonist in the prostate.