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Tamoxifen 10MG Daily Log

Well, uro who is a major specialist in this area wants me to try Tamoxifen 10MG daily. Going to use this thread as a log. I have terrible anxiety about medications so I’m hoping this wont make my panic worse. I am secondary hypogonadal. Have had so many tests done with no physical reason for my low t levels. (200) Estrogen levels constantly floating around 32-35.

32 Year old male, doc says this can double my levels with keeping fertitlity. Wants me to do for one month then have a dexa scan done as he feels that I have bone loss from having low T for 7 years now.

My fears with this med are eye issues and liver toxicity and MORE anxiety/panic.

Day 1: Took pill at 9:30am. Will report back daily.

Clomid / nolva should reduce your anxiety. It did mine.

Noticing some hot flashes around 12:45pm, could be un related (face feels hot/flush)

Could be related to anxiety before popping first pill this morning

following. What are your fsh/lh levels?

Yeah, I had a little of that when I started. I don’t get a face flush anymore.

Wanted to give some updates, Saturday was a pretty good day… noticed some sexual feelings, arrousal that I don’t normally have. Strong erection that evening.

Sunday: Good day as well , less overall joint paint lately.

This could be placebo as I don’t know how long Tamoxifen takes to work.

Both FSH and LH have sat around 3.0 for awhile.

Just wanted to check in with everyone, as I completely forgot about this post and log I was going to create.

I have felt OK lately, last three days for some reason I have felt a lot of joint pain in my hips for some reason. No other real changes, maybe slight increase in libido. Not sure the tamoxifen is doing anything… but going to continue for another week until I get my dexa scan done.

You may want to get your levels tested again soon. If you E2 is much higher, you may want to also treat that. At E2 of 32, I want to itch my nipples off.

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Any idea if Tamoxifen can raise E2?

Indirectly. Increasing T increases E2. Anything you do to correct your T will increase your E2.

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Figured if it blocked estrogen receptors I wouldn’t get the sides, I was wrong!

Here’s what the bro-science gets wrong. Yes, nolva blocks E2, however, at the dosages we take, it blocks SOME of the receptors. This is enough to get the HPTA going again. It’s not a high enough dose to block side effects from high E2.

Yea, I never gave it much thought. They joint pain was unreal in my hips and it came out of nowhere, still getting some here and there. I really need to get labs done.

cut the dose in half to 5MG, seems like the joint pain is a tad better… have doc appointment in two days, going to ask for labs, T, estrogen etc

Can TRT reverse bone loss?

Well, looks like im going to stop the Tamoxifen. Joint pain is only getting worse. Had labs done Thursday but I had to join their partner portal to view and it can take a few days to get setup.

I read on another site that AI’s like Arimidex (which I dont take) can cause irreversable joint pain? Can serms do this too? If so I’m pretty scared at this point as I feel like a 70 year old man.

I asked the doctor about injections (cypionate) he said he doesn’t prescribe HCG with them as the testicles will “turn back on” when you go off. This is false I thought? Some men have become sterile from TRT without HCG correct?

You need bloodwork, otherwise we are all just guessing.

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Bloodwork finally back

Testosterone Total: 523 (highest it’s been in years, was 200-300)
LH 3.8
FSH. 4.6
E2: 22 (was 34)

Still feel a lot of hip and joint pain, sore legs, not sure what it’s from.

Looks like the Tamoxifen does work as far as raising test levels because mine have never been that high.