Tami Stainfield for President!

Make sure you watch this whole video. I don’t even know how I came across this woman but I love crazy people. Mentally ill probably but she may but better than our other two choices.


I guess that’s robot language?

Damn that was creepy…

“My name is Nick Nolte… zizz-zeeza-nunk-cucnka”

Temporarily taking over a woman’s brain and speaking an alien language to become President doesn’t even break Niok Nolte’s top 10 of craziness.

lol I wanna say that she is joking but no she is crazy as shit. There is a website up and the sad thing is of how legit it is.

I love when crazy people get lazy and can’t think of another crazy thing to say so they just make weird noises and screwy faces.

She did that at 2:10.

Like this:

Charles Manson's Epic Question - YouTube

Sorry, but that’s just lazy.

I actually believe her.

I stopped watching this @1:16 betweek listening and seeing the minute plus that I saw plus reading the responses by other people I actually freaked out.

You aint gonna get me bitch, I’m not getting brainwashed.

that’s the most sense i’ve ever heard a woman make

[quote]critietaeta wrote:
that’s the most sense i’ve ever heard a woman make[/quote]

LOL I can attest to that