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Tami Bellon

This is my wife and client. She is an amature bodybuilder.

More of Tami.


nice back

Looks great!

Didnt know you were on here too, Future. Hows it going?

I’m great! :slight_smile:

From the night before her last show…

Wow,you are a very lucky man.Keep up the good work.

How tall is your wife and what does she weigh?

Looking great! The only things I could suggest at this point are more posterior chain work and more calf work. The back and core look amazing!

wow very impressive…i’m a NPC judge here in PA…looks amazing…keep it up

[quote]sic wrote:
How tall is your wife and what does she weigh?[/quote]

5ft 3 classed as lightweight? Im not sure of the weight catagories…