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Talyor Swift...Hottest Country Singer


i'm not a big fan of country but damn Taylor Swift is hot, that being said, anyone think that she is the hottest country singer if not the hottest singer in general right now? ps and she writes her own songs


IMO, she's not even real country anymore. Around here they only play her new songs on the pop stations. She is pretty though.


Sarah Evans.


I just had a conversation with a female friend on mine about her. She told me that the general consensus was that she wasn't very pretty (general consensus among who, I'm not yet sure).

I was like whhhaaaaaattt?

Oh well, I think she's gorgeous.


I think Kelly Pickler and Carrie Underwood are way hotter.

And no one's hotter than Katy Perry... sorry.


She's smokin'. Props for writing her own songs too.


She is pretty but also forgettable.


Some girl came over to our house for a party last weekend. She looked exactly like her. This girl said sometimes she would have paparazzi chase her because they thought she was Taylor Swift.

It was nuts.


She does not produce country music. Her stuff is as 'Pop' as it gets these days.

Shes pretty though. Sometimes her eyes look weird I think.


I agree with this. Since we're mentioning country related, former American Idol contestants, I'd probably put Kristy Lee Cook ahead of Taylor Swift too. She's got a rockin' bod.

Sara Evans is pretty hot, too.

Miranda Lambert and the chicks from SheDaisy are a few others I can think of.

I'm not going to get into how 'country' these artists are.

To the OP, Taylor Swift is cute, but I wouldn't advertise the fact she writes her own songs. Did anyone see her performance on SNL a few weeks ago? Truly awful. I actually felt bad for her it was so bad.


IMO Faith Hill &/or Sarah Evans > Taylor Swift


I remember when I first saw her a year ago or whenever it was that she released her first single. I thought to myself, "wow, talented and writes her own songs, but not very pretty. Probably not gonna go too far."

So I was wrong about the not go far part. Not so much the not very pretty part. JMHO.

julianne Hough is easily the hottest country singer.


Martina McBride:

Mature, sexy, and an actual Country singer.


I'd never heard of Julianne Hough until just now. DAMN!


The Paperboys have a stonking female violinist.

And they're actually good to boot.


Yeah...has a Heather Locklear thing going on, too.


From Wikipedia, this killed me: "Julianne Hough (pronounced huff) (born July 20, 1988)"

She's a baby!

Carrie Underwood is the prettiest "country" singer, imho.


She's most known as being one of the pro dancers on Dancing With The Stars.


How can anyone think she's not very pretty? You guys must think your shit don't stink.

And no, it's not relative or debatable. She is hot.


Why did Patrick Kane and her break up why!!! I would beg that beauty back if I had to!!!