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Tallest State ?

Here in Italy the tallest people are in the region Friuli, it’s in the north east.
It’s just a few cm beyond,but still,it’s the tallest region in Italy.
Since the US is such a big nation I was wondering if there’s the “tallest states” …

Texas is the fattest, if that helps you out.

I’m guessing California, Texas, Florida, and New York, because they have the highest populations, and naturally I think the more people in general you have, the more of a certain type of people you will have (tall, short, fat, skinny, etc), but that’s just a guess.

California and Texas are about the same height. Alaska is taller.

Oh… you meant of the population… well, I have never heard of it, and I’m a little height sensitive(being 6’4, you can have a tendancy to pay attention to those things a little more).

I think that a large reason you can get different regions of the world being taller or shorter is due to the diets in those regions. America is fairly homogenous in that regard. Sure, some states have their local favorites or famous cuisines, but the majority of people, be they from California or lousianna, are still eating the same big macs and drinking the same cokes.

which is not to mention supermarkets that carry all the same brands no matter where you go(or there will be different brands that are owned by teh same company, eitherway the ingredients will be the same)

Point being, I think that whatever variation might exist amongst states it is negligible.