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Can anyone recommend a good gym in the Tallahassee area?

I’m interested in powerlifting and strongman. Are their any people in Tally that train such?


Hey all right another T-man in Tally! Dude, I work out at Premier in Killearn, because I work at the hospital (TMH), and it’s cheap as dirt for me. It’s a pretty good gym – probably the best in town. The equipment is pretty much new, seeing as how the clientele consists mostly of rich housewives and senior citizens, with an occasional sorority bunny. Guys who come there to seriously train are few and far between. At peak hours, there are a lot of frat punks, though. I hit the iron right after work in the morning, and I don’t have to deal with them, though. Did you just move here or what?

Moved to Tally early August. I’m working out of the YMCA on Monroe near the old Sam’s Club. I generally get to the gym mid-morning. There are mostly middle-aged women and older men on the cardio units. The equipment is bare minimum.

What sort of equipment does Premier have?