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Tall First Timer Trying to Put on Muscle


So yeah Im 19 years old, 6'5", 195 lbs up from about 175 1.5 years ago when I started working out. I just found out about the site and I think its awesome. If some of the pictures are unclear or I need more just ask me, I know they arent great but they are the best I could do.

The legs one especially was hard to get but I already know I need alot of work on my legs. basically Im having trouble adding size to my back, everything I do just seems to work my arms. My shoulders as well arent developing very well either. Here is my routine, around 3 hrs per week, one per work out day, as I am a definite hard-gainer. So far I have been trying as hard as I can to bulk. I want to get to around 210 or so before thinking about cutting.

Tues: back and biceps, everything is to exhaustion, about 3-5 reps per set

4 sets deadlift, 190 lbs
4 sets bent over rows, 110 lbs
4 sets back extensions with 45 lbs
4 sets lat rows, 130 lbs
4 sets bicep curls 70 lbs
4 sets cable isolated bicep curls 70 lbs each arm
4 sets wide grip lat pull downs 160 lbs
4 sets pull ups, about 8 each set
4 sets wide grip bent over rows with the long lever with 2 45 plates attatched

Thurs: Chest triceps, everything to exhaustion, about 3-5 reps per set

pyramid benching, 165, 190, 210, 190, 165
4 sets incline benching 165
6 sets lying dumbell presses, 60 lbs
4 sets dips about 8-10 each
4 sets seated chest presses, 210 lbs
4 sets tricep extensions, 70 lbs

Sunday: legs, shoulders, forearms

6 sets squats, warm up with 190, 5 sets 280
4 sets leg extensions 180 lbs
6 sets leg raises, 140
4 sets standing leg raises 210
4 sets shoulder presses 55 lb dumbells
4 sets wrist curls 75 lbs
4 sets dumbell flys 2 with 20 lbs raise overhead, 2 with 25 lbs raise to parallel to ground

So yeah is there anything I should change in my workout? Im taking cytogainer, Flameout, Superfood, and Surge Recovery after workouts. I try to eat 3 big meals a day plus snacks and protein shakes but its hard because Im a broke college student. For some reason the image uploading thing on this site didnt work for me so Im using photobucket.


Eat, Eat, Eat.

No more cytogainer, just buy whey and add sugar to it.

Eat cheaper, and eat more, get a SAM's or Costco membership and buy a shit load of food, then eat it.


Im not going to be the last one to say this:
Eat Squat Sleep Repeat

If I were you I would apologize to every one for being a retard, read everything on this site and then comeback in 2 years and try again. Good Luck.


This is the beginners forum and youre telling someone to apologize for 'being a retard'


Where are the pics of your development btw?


Your routine could use some work but it is your diet that is holding you back from gaining mass. As long as you arent gaining weight on a consistent basis it means you aren't eating enouhg.

Read the stickied threads in this section. Lots of good info there.



I'll never understand the people who come to the Beginners forum and puff up like that frilled lizard from Jurrasic Park just to rag on someone who's at least trying to get on the right track.

Once upon a time, everybody you look up to in this lifestyle, whether it's Arnold, Big Ron, or Mariusz Pudz, was a beginner who knew nothing about lifting. Try keeping that in mind, take a breath, lighten the hell up and try being helpful. Or... stay out of the Beginners forum and the people who can help, will.


We can't think of any other inexpensive homemade weight gainer recipes, other than adding plain sugar to whey? I very much disagree.

Read Jimmy Smith's How Tall Guys Get Jacked:

It has specific tips for training legs, back, and shoulders, as well as other training techniques you might want to consider.

Brother, at your height, 210 will still look skinny. Cutting at that point will bring you back below 200, which is... still skinny.

You're 19, so you have the benefit of should-be-near-optimal hormones plus youth. Think long-term. Also, adjust your mindset. "Hardgainer" is more mental attitude than it is stubborn metabolism.

Your training is all over the place, in terms of exercise selection, general design, and set/rep scheme (4-6x3-5 is not conducive to muscle growth).

I'd check out Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards:

It's still a 3-day a week plan, so you have plenty of time for recovery and growth, but the overall design is better than what you have laid out.

Try having your Surge Recovery either before or during your training, instead of after. That will prime your system to have the nutrients it needs for hard training and maximum recovery.

Two articles for cheap eats:

Try to arrange your eating according to the Anti-Skinny Fat Manifesto:



Just for reference, this is Stephan Bonnar, 6'4" and a lean 205 in this pic, which means he weighed more and then dieted (cut weight/water, etc.) to get to this.

You think you'll look well-built weighing even less?

If you wanted to set a long-term goal of weighing around this/looking similar, you'll want to bulk to at least a muscular 230 or so before the word "cutting" comes up again. But really, in the world of bodybuilding, guys well over 6' will only start looking more massive at a muscular 240 and higher.

But first things first. Straighten out your overall nutrition, get your training in order, and set some short-term goals that will lead to a longer goal.

And here's a relevant question I should've asked before...

What exactly did you eat yesterday?


Good to see another tall/thin guy trying to get stronger. You are fighting a number of different battles when it comes to putting on mass. You are 19 years old and a thin build. Adding significant muscle is going to be a long journey. Here is what worked for me.

I am 39 years old, 6'8 and started seriously lifting about two years ago when I weighed 215lbs. I weighed in this morning at 275lb. The key for me was focusing on the compound lifts using Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program. I focused on squat, DL, bench, and standing military press. I used accessory exercises to balance my training but I did not make them the focus of the workout. By dropping the volume and increasing the intensity and weight my body put on a lot more muscle.

The real key for me was diet. At 6'8, I needed to realize that the standard diets that you see out there just aren't going to put size on my frame. The only time I really saw muscle gain was when I consistently ate 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day. I am not going to say that all of these calories where clean. I tried to keep it fairly clean but it wasn't all brown rice and chicken.

Here are my suggestions:
At 6'5 you will have to be a lot heavier than 210 to look strong. Focus on getting stronger on the main lifts and don't worry about what the scale says.

Your lifting should focus around the compound lifts. Wendler's 5/3/1 is a good program for this but there are others out there.

Focus on weight based energy work. Tire flips, farmer carries, prowler, sled, and sandbag training are all good exercises that will keep you healthy and add size.

As others have said, eat, eat, eat, and then eat again. Focus on quality foods and eat a lot of them. If you are eating lean protein, good carbs, and good fats you don't have to worry about getting fat. On a 6'5 frame you have a lot more leeway then another guy who is 5'8, use this to your advantage. Don't focus on supplements, spend your money on real food and commit the time it takes to prepare and eat it.

Don't go into a cutting phase too soon. Add some real size before you start worrying about the six pack abs. If you cut too soon you will lose all the muscle you worked so hard to gain. Your body is naturally thin and it will try and return to that state unless you really work on adding muscle. It will take you several years of serious eating and training to add significant size.

The reality is that it is going to take you a lot longer to look big. Because of your age and your build, it is going to be a lot of work in the gym and in the kitchen. Set short and long-term goals and track your progress. Most importantly, don't use your height as an excuse for why you can't get stronger.


Im not particularly recommending anything. Im simply informing him that cytogainer is nothing but maltodextrin and whey.

Both of which can be purchased and mixed with minimal effort for literally half the cost.

Personally I dont think gainer drinks are useful, filled me up, limited my appetite, I could have simply been eating 5 meals a day instead of 3 and 2 gainer drinks.

And the meals would not only have more calories, but would be more varied in the nutrition profile as well.


mday knows what he is talking about for us tall lifters.

i am 6'5'' and 220 lbs and i feel like i look tiny. I started off at 160lbs. losing fat is a lot more easy then gaining muscle. Understand this OP: You have to get big, before you can get small. for the next 2 years you can gain a solid 50lbs, tell your abs to fuck off for a little and spend a very very short 12 weeks and cut your body fat down. 2 years of solid gaining, and most of your fat will be gone after 12 weeks. that sounds like a solid fucking deal if you ask me. Don't let your height be an excuse to why you are skinny and weak. Guys like you and me have to work a little bit more hard then the rest to look filled out, but when we do, we will be fucking monsters.

set a short term weight goal. maybe 210lbs by the end of summer? When you hit that, evaluate your body (and please remember abs are not important right now) and set another goal. maybe 230 by jan. 1st.

Gotta get big before you can get small, otherwise you will just be in this constant circle where you won't progress for years.

and OP, if you want to be held accountable for your goals and gaining and what not, head to the Brotherhood of the iron thread in the bodybuilding forum. There are some good people there that will help you out and more importantly, motivate you to get huge.


gallon of milk a day is working good deeds with my skinny boy 6'+ clients. ONce you work up to 1 gal of whole milk then start adding whey to it. THIS is the easiest method to comply with consistently IMHO/E. And consistency over time is the key to progress. Every 3 days the scale should go up. If not eat some more.

Be sure to keep with a program that wors for as long as possible. I would also Rx using a pre written program over your homemade one as you have a shit ton of volume in yours.