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Tall Bodybuilders/Athletes?


Hey all,

I have been lurking around on here for awhile now. Right now I am busy losing weight as fast as possible as I am currently way, way overweight. It is going well, but I could use some additional motivation.

I was wondering if you guys knew of any athletic looking bodybuilders or athletes that are around 6'4" that I could look to for motivation. I want to print out some pics of guys that I would like to look like and post them on my fridge and all my cabinets. I think I'll also put a couple in my car since thats where I tend to break down at. The big thing though is to put one by my alarm clock so I get my lazy rear out of bed in the morning and go lift.

Thanks in advance,



Gunther Schleikercamp(spelling). He does tons of flyes to get a huge chest!


Hey Bakerstreet,

Check out this story from yesterday's NY Times. It doesn't give a whole lot of info, but it was motivating for me...

Audio Slide Show: Benching Toward Perfection

A 6-foot-7 construction worker from Northport, N.Y., dreams of being the next champion bodybuilder in the super heavyweight category.


Lou Ferrigno is 6'5"


A semi-realted topic: I'd give a listen to the T-Radio interview that Chris Shugart did with Eric Cressey. Cressey talked about some ideas for training taller athletes.

Other than that, I can suggest Paul Dillet. He's a big, bad, mammer jammer.


Thanks for the replies.

I forgot about Lou. Also that NYtimes article is very cool. I'll make sure to checkout that Cressey interview as well. Other than that I'll keep searching around for 6 foot somethings to look eye to eye with.

Thanks again.


Most of the top strongman competitors are between 6'2" and 6'6"


Did they say how much he weighed? Did I miss it?


I like "the Rocks" physique and he's about 6'5"


From the last pic I'm guessing about 265-275... I'm 6'6"... just comparing him to me cause I'm about 265 but not quite as lean.


Honestly, 6-4 isn't that tall. That's a little guy in our world - although I've trained six guys who are 6-10 or above in the past three years. :wink:



Noah steere. 6-6 335


This guy is an English Football player called peter CROUCH, the funny thing is he's six foot seven; don't let the prof see this picture, old crouchy needs to eat.


Not the best fighter in MMA but pretty damn impressive build for a fighter that is 6'8"


Is it just me or does his head look too small for his body?



Looks fine to me. That's one big mother.


Ralf Moeller, former Mr. Universe and actor, played Hagan in Galdiator also was in Universal Soldier and The Scorpion King.

I think he's about 6'5 not sure.


Awesome. Thanks for all the replies. This will be a big help. I made it to the gym everyday this week...pretty happy with myself. Its been atleast 4 months since I could say that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice one Bakerstreet, here's another pic of Big Ralf on the set of Gladiator.


I've always wondered who that guy was.