Tall Begining Bodybuilder

I am a 35 year old,6’7", 340 ex football player looking to get into body building. I workout 5 days a week (cardio alternating days), my diet is not up to par. my stregth is okay I guess (Bench 420, Squat 650 (deep squat), leg press 2000). I have acumulated fat around my abdomen, thighs and chest (needless to say i dont walk around with my shirt off) from just not eating right and drinking. My goal is to drop to 280. My question is two fold; What should the focus of my workouts be and what diet would you recommend to get me on the right track. In the past I have been able to drop mass amount of weight in a short time (100 pounds in a year). i welcome all suggestions.

Assuming this isn’t bullshit, (and congrats if it isn’t, your numbers speak for themselves already,) your best bet is to take things slow in my opinion. You already have an advanced amount of lifting knowledge, I’m guessing your diet is lacking severely.

There’s just too many variables here to really make a general recommendation.

I mean, for discussion about typical bodybuilding training and ideas, check this out first and foremost. Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

You should probably start doing fasted morning cardio, also cutting carbs and the majority of fat out of your diet 4-6 hours or so before you go to sleep. I would focus more on dropping fat slowly, over something like 3-4 months instead of trying any kind of stupid quick cut / flash diet / “Uber fat loss burning” program.

Can we get a better idea of what a workout looks like now, diet, etc?

Can you please post what a 2000 pound leg press looks like when its loaded and you’re repping?

I’ve seen a grand but just can’t picture where all the plates would go.