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Talking to Girls


Don’t sell yourself short buddy - she still might, I mean, after all, have you ever met a woman who didn’t know everything :smile:


WTF?? you’re trolling on this one aren’t you?

I wouldn’t recommend trying any pick up lines or being smooth. Just be yourself and try to spark up a conversation about something you think she might find interesting. You’d be surprise how far a simple introduction would take you if she likes you even just a bit.


Man, quit trying to lead the guy astray - clearly any girl would find him to be the most interesting topic of discussion - might as well lead with that.

@rangersfan30 do you, homie. Most girls LOVE it when a dude talks about himself as an ice breaker. The higher the ticket price the better, I’ve always said. Get it, boi


This fucking thread…


“Yo, slut, my car’s worth more than you make in a year. Wanna smash!”


12% of the time it works every time


This. I am hardly the player type and my dating days are (thankfully) long behind me, but I picked up 1 (and exactly 1) girl at the gym that I just flat-out considered physically perfect.

And here was my super-skilled approach:

“Hi, my name is Moshe. You clearly know what you are doing with the heavy squat. My left knee keeps buckling in on me. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?”

Some coaching and the use of a giant rubber band to remind me to force my legs in the correct position later, we became acquainted and hit it off.

About 3 months later, I realized that hot girls with perfect bodies are often bat shit crazy with lots of baggage, and I had to carefully extricate myself from the situation and switch gyms.

Leaving a great gym was the worst part.


Yup I pretty much used to be bat shit crazy. But ya gotta let shit go and be thankful for what you have. Awesome you realized that, I’ve been getting rid of toxic friends that are a waste of energy, and am focusing on what’s healthiest for me and what I want. I don’t need drama or validation in life…I need motivation.


Very good!

We had an amicable break up, as it was. I really was, at heart, a very religious Jew and she more of a Tel Aviv party chick. Not a match meant to be.


Baggage sux, if someone can’t unload it and bring into relationship…damn, it just makes communication impossible. You have to walk on egg shells, etc. memories, sigh


#1 reason I never talked to girls at the gym when I was single. Don’t shit where you eat.


@rangersfan30, I decided to give this some thought and provide some practical advice outside the “dont do it” folks (I was guilty of this) and the other trainwrecks of failure. The only requirement is you have one target and you focus on the long game.

So here we go (note: most of this has already been posted in one form or another):

Strategy 1: Be comfortable and in your element.

You can be wiping asses but as long as you are dominating the other ass wiping clowns and making it look enjoyable and a breeze, you will be instantly more attractive to women. So you need to train in a way that makes you stand out and looks hard. I recommend Brian Alshrue’s type programming. It’s different and its hard. It also means you’ll likely need to work in with people. If you can show you are both polite but get things done then that’s a huge bonus. Note: you have to be strong. If you are squatting 2 plates, it looks less like you are in your element and more like you are a puppy dog fucking about. Results are important!!

Strategy 2: Make your attention a rarity.

You need to appear like you are rare and a prize to get. Your focus is on doing work or getting setting up for work. That means no sideways glances at girls, no playing with your phone (use pen and paper), no talking, no pacing around, nothing. You need to create the impression that nothing will divert you from your business. Make your attention a rarity.

Strategy 3: Make her stand out.

At some point, after months. You give her some of that rare attention. Make it a statement. That could be as dramatic as stopping dead in your tracks to look at her before moving on or subtlety mentioning that you have noticed her work ethic and admire it (or her ass, you admire her ass. Your call.) as you’re leaving the gym.

Strategy 5: Make a statement with confidence.

Whether that be about something political or just about your clothes it doesn’t matter, women lap that up. In the gym setting, this is difficult without being a douche or sacrificing strategy 1. So go simple and focus on appearance. Apparently, purple hair does it but if that is too much, some fancy fluro shoes will do the trick.

Strategy 6: Be funny.

Sense of humour is better than abs to women. Again, difficult in the gym without seeming a douche (as you demonstrated). Given this difficulty, I would use this strategy as the ice breaker. When she is at a machine, walk by her, reach into your pocket, pull out your phone/wallet/whatever but also take out a condom and accidently drop it by her foot but keep walking. Then stop, turn around, look aghast and quickly pick it up and say “Damn, that is so embarrassing! I’m so sorry” and make strong eye contact (important that you don’t scuttle off). She’ll feel obliged to say something and you say “Sometimes accidents are nature trying to give those imvolved a huge hint” followed by wink and a slight licking of the lips. At this point you could basically bend her over the machine right there so just sail that ship into dock…

I don’t guarantee success but these strategies set you up for success and reduce the chances of failure. Good luck OP and remember, I believe in you!


you guys are all fools for providing real responses to a troll. did you not read his other idiotic threads? I’m just waiting for him to get unmasked as a previous, disgruntled poster. BeeBrian comes to mind, but I have no evidence that it’s him. I really think it’s an old poster though.

anyway. This is not directed at the OP, but rather meant to further the discussion on fucking girls at your gym. Because it’s a thing I’ve done. I don’t recommend it. Someone’s going to end up leaving the gym, and that sucks. I’ve seen it happen SSOOOOOO many times. I can think of at least a dozen examples of this happening with friends at a few different gyms.

There are so many girls out there. So many. Find one who you don’t have to see 4 days a week if things go south.

Also, I hope the owner of my gym doesn’t read this, as I may be directly responsible for declining membership, lol.


I’m not an expert, but if you shadow all the strong men at the gym, you’ll learn something about humility, giving respect and gentle strength. Nothing about jawlines and sharpening their swords. If you push further, you’ll realize they remained true to their purpose; giving joy despite being hurt or even heart-broken and hell-bent on correcting your fucking squat form because if they don’t, you’ll lap up their quotes with disgusting fanboyism.

It ain’t rocket science, boys. Man up. Be the world’s best then talking to them is cowardice. Instead, use them to work up your chin-up ladders then sidle up to them and I dunno, whisper some sexy one-liner while stroking their hair then maybe pass them a piece of treasure which means something to you while giving that Griffith distant stare - you know it - and top it up with characteristically unique body language instead of that usual buttfuck sloppiness then you’ll know why some people retire into PhDs seeking instead of that holy grail of a goddess (spit) that gazillions worship.

Read TC Luoma and don’t apply the principles.
Read Aunt Agony and use it to wipe off your goodness.
Read T-Nation and laugh it off at your peril.

You’ve been warned. They are all about the diamonds or world-records. No I kid you not. They enamor the largest meanest and baddest dudes that’ve walked universes to get their wives the headcounts of entire countries. If you want her, you will do it. For centuries, entire populations of females worship generals of invasive countries. It’s not about the size generally speaking (no contradiction), it’s about the dream. If you don’t have one, practice the dreamy look. Don’t brush your teeth, use listerine, don’t smoke cigarettes, bite cigars, don’t drive cars, ride motorbikes.

Rep properly. Call your bros comrades. UV rays are welcome. Sunglasses with a hint of Boss will point these girls in the right direction. Stay single till you find the one you want in a ring with. Read widely, most importantly. Read everything, her body language, Nicomachean Ethics, Friedrich Nietzsche’s quotes and her love letters. The most popular lifter in my country told me to go for a girl I thought was interested in me and turned out to be someone who thought I had other aspirations and it didn’t end well. I felt like if there was another somebody out there for me, I should be more prepared the next time round and now, I’m still farming.


This is friggin awesome!

What’s it about though?


Your planet has countries? Fascinating!



It’s about conquering impoverishment. Just because you didn’t have enough doesn’t mean you can’t get enough of something. It’s just about reaching out for that one thing that can get you everything. For you, it’s probably deadlifting 5 Americans.


Where I come from is a hellhole of diverse origins hailing from an intricately intertwined history of war, sports and impoverished commoners.


It kind of reminds of fortune cookies all strung together.



@darkcop I think your post is a wonderful example of original bullshit, and I have no regrets about reading it. Whenever I find myself needing to write a bunch of crap, I save time by using nonsense generators and simply copy/pasting the results.

I know it lacks the authenticity and personal touch of inspired bullshit delivered with care, but you should give it a try. You might find it useful or, dare I say, inspiring.


You have to BE Ulysses.